How to Play Dwarf Fortress Over SSH!

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The instructions linked below are for Arch Linux without Xorg installed (so essentially terminal only arch or what you get after a fresh Arch Linux install).

If you are using Ubuntu server or another distro, the steps should be close to the same. But not exact so please do your research. You may get lucky and just have to edit the config file.

You may also message me here or on Matrix if you need help.

Get the step by step over on

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Awesome! I usually don't play df over ssh but I do play in TEXT mode. I have even made test recordings using

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That's so awesome! I just started getting into the "game" and am in love with it already.


I don't have a lot of time to play, but the complexities have held my interest longer than any game has before. Currently I figuring out how to use the manager. The last game I couldnt figure out how to cancel the job of placing an artifact on a pedastle in a museum. Eventually I ended the game when all the dwarves were bitten by a wereelephant.

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I don't suppose either of you have recorded any of these sweet ascii sessions?

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