Video Replay - Closing the Cyber Skills Gap Panel Discussion

2개월 전

The 2021 Front Lines cybersecurity conference brought together a panel to discuss the challenges faced by the industry with growing security threats and far too cybersecurity professionals to combat them. The “Closing the Cyber Skills Gap” panel featured Davina Pruitt, Naomi Buckwalter, and was moderated by Matthew Rosenquist on Oct 21st 2021.

One of the most pressing challenges for the digitally connected and transforming world is the undermining of security and trust. Cybersecurity is the barrier protecting our systems, data, privacy, services, and capabilities. But the threats far exceed the capacity of those professionals that guard against their attacks. We are experiencing a momentous deficit in the talent pool, with mounting demands growing every year.

The panel discusses how to reverse the situation and sustainably satisfy the human resources needed to make our evolving digital world secure.

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Great panel of experts!

We hope that the charges loads will be straightened out on the way. Blessings.

Terimakasih banyak bapak informasi nya @mrosenquist 👋