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Debian is an operating system for computers based on the Linux kernel. It is distinguished from other variants of Linux by including more than 51,000 pre-compiled and packaged software packages in simple form such as text editors, games, financial applications, among others. This operating system works on virtually all existing personal computers. It is free thanks to the voluntary contribution of a thousand programmers distributed all over the world, who help the project in their free time, and interact with each other by email and through their official website

The Debian Project was founded on August 16, 1993 by the German computer scientist Ian Murdock while still studying at the Purdue University (United States). The combination of the name of his girlfriend Debra Lynn, who later became his wife, and his own gave rise to the name of the Debian Operating System. Murdock is the author of the "Debian Manifesto" where he defines a new open Linux distribution. Currently, the latest version of Linux Debian is 9.4 "Stretch", published on March 10, 2018.


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