Modern technology: life simplifying or complication?

2년 전

I went out of habit to drink coffee in a pizzeria.
And already not was nervous, when once "Americano" had to wait almost ten minutes.
In this case before me was not the people. I only ordered coffee.
The boy conjured with cash orders-printouts for pizzas, putting the coffee machine on the machine.
I patiently waited, waited, waited...
The process of brewing coffee takes no more than one and a half minutes after pressing the button.
Why so?

To think about modern technology, I was forced not only by this event - I often drink coffee in this pizzeria. The ratio price-quality there cool.
In social studies we are told that we live in a post-industrial time.
According to the Kondratieff waves and cycles Schumpeter, in 2015, had come to an end (roughly) the fifth innovation wave.
In which there is integration and interpenetration of microelectronics, media, genetic engineering, etc., etc.

Did this fifth wave end?
I'm not sure.
Judging by the length of cooking coffee in the pizzeria - in full swing.
When technologies are just beginning to integrate and have to wait a long time.
And this website is a clear example of integration of the blockchain and the media - rather, the fifth way of innovation according to Schumpeter.
I wonder when will come the sixth?
And what will it be?
What do you think?

(All pictures are taken under free license from the site

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