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First of all the question is that will there be a nuclear blast in future anywhere in this world, certainly yes at some point of time it will happen.

Second point is that even if you dont do anything, natural force always act upon at some point of time to bring a balance.

The human population has gone up so high that they have mercilessly exploiting the nature and the environment and at some point of time it will be counted upon by the nature.

So be it a nuclear blast or natural calamity, something worst is going to happen in future.

We will have to learn by playing Fallout to survive. hahaha the same planet earth is exterminating us because we are destroying its resources, and as another colleague says in this post, sooner or later this will happen. we must be more conscious and protect our environment, stop counting and take care of ourselves among ourselves, being more rational.

I wish you a happy day and a better life