Snapchat now has cat lenses. (Yes, for your cat.)

3년 전

It's 8:00 PM on Friday night and you're home alone and right now alcoholic. Goodness, is that just me? Well regardless. Snapchat has made focal points for your feline at this point. Indeed, the truth is out. Your feline! This is the thing that the web is made for, companions. Not too counterfeit news and trolling. Not perusing tweets where individuals utilize words like "woke" unironically. Feline focal points!

So in fact, I figure, Snapchat added the capacity to perceive things in your photographs last November, similar to sustenance, sports, and even pets, at that point recommend fitting channels – like a sticker that says "IT'S A PAWTY" over a photograph of a puppy.

Be that as it may, now you can put an arrangement of coordinating glasses on yourself and your feline.

Or then again give you and your feline rainbow unicorn horns.

Or then again give Mr. Fluffypants some monstrous googly eyes.

Or then again put a bit of toast over his face, which makes him look even less interested than normal.

You can even give you and kitty enormous, fat lips as you kissy confront the camera.

You can be the blessed messenger, while the feline gets fallen angel horns and wings, as is – obviously, suitable.

That is to say, this could possibly take care of Snap's not an insignificant rundown of issues, similar to its hurried upgrade, the wreckage that is Snapchat Discover, its powerlessness to pull in grown-up clients, falling offer cost, and ooooh, everything that cash it's dying. ($353M last quarter!)

What's more, that Saudi cash, keep in mind that! (No, truly, don't.)

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