Vivo phone with pop-up camera

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Design failure

Apple used to be known for its innovative design, and high prices.
While the latter is still true, the design of the latest devices are not leading the pack and some leave a lot to be desired.

The Notch

Especially their iPhone X look weird at first glance. Why would anyone make a large screen like that, but put a notch in the top middle for the camera?


The result is a strange looking phone, where some extra space is created at the top. Space that can only be used for some notifications.

The bad thing is that now other manufacturers start to do the same. This may give Apple the false impression that they stumbled upon a great, new design-feature, but in reality, the others are now copying Apple's flaws.


Asus is even boasting that their notch is 26% smaller!!

The solution

Fortunately, one company has now shown us a better solution.
Presenting; the Vivo APEX, with fingerprint recognition in the screen and a pop-up camera.

See it in action right here.
Even though I really prefer this solution to the notch, I do see some issues;

  • This could be less reliable, due to the fact that it is a mechanical movement. People taking many selfies could find that at some point if no longer functions as expected.
  • It adds a point where dust and water can get into the phone.
  • Finally, Essential, another phone manufacturer, has a patent on just such a solution. You can find that patent here:

So, while I applaud Vivo for building this phone, it feels like we have to wait to see if there's a future in this phone.

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