Are posts on steemit really worth that much?

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We all try to write good articles in order to earn a little money and share good content.
Curators then upvote the posts and give them some value in steem or USD as shown on steemit.

Lets just assume that you had to pay the price an article is worth in order to read/see it.
There are good articles out there on steemit, I also would pay for.
But its one out of 1000.

For example this post:
Its just a meme from a dMania author which shows a meme. And the post ist worth about 60USD right now.
Now ask yourself, would you pay 60$ just to see it? Nobody would.
This leads me to the question like how value is produced.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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it is simply a matter of weighted votes. Each user has more money in his votes as he becomes richer. There are users out there who if you send them SBD will upvote you and their worth will be high either because of the steem power they own.

i think the true value of a post cannot be measured in upvotes on steem. i think it is a factor of how many people actually read it and the percentage of good unbiased of readers (in other words high valued but objective).

if we consider that most premium curated sites take around 35$ per month as a subscription, if we read 50 articles then we are paying 70 cents per! but on the other hand digital subscriptions are in millions so their costs are cheaper. so let us bump it up by a factor of 10. will 7$ satisfy?


I agree with your point of view...

Pretty right! There are numbers of users who just posted a Meme and earned much more than the original post worth it. Such high reputation holders using steemit just to get more than they deserving it. STEEMIT is kinda money making machine for them.

That post isn't worth only 60 USD but 60 SBD and 1 SBD is equal to 3.22$. So its thrice times more. Can't do anything with it :(


of course, you're right. I forgot that one SBD is not one Dollar, that's even worse xD

Sometimes, building a following leads to loyalty. Yeah, I do wonder how some of my posts get little views, but when you have a huge following, and you interact with people that interact with your blog as well, you tend to upvote whatever is that they post. Then, there are those that do it for curation purposes. They know others would come calling.... So up up, the post goes, irrespective of the content.

Really steemit is the best platform as we share our thoughts, learn about all topics here, meet the world as well as earn money. At first it was a wonder for me how the reward created here then i understand it's like the seeds of a tree. Just put it then it will grow big to bigger. As i say little investment or bigger all are profitable here.

It's all about Voting Power, the more you have the more likely for you to earn more. You can even sell Votes for SBD in return. So its a basically a snowball!

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i think this is just because of voting bots. no one would pay such amount just to see this is all about a game of bots thats it completely agreed with you. you raised such a good question. I'm also looking forward to see answers from others on this post.

i wonder that too. let us know if you find the answer

You are right sir @rockz you have very nice thoughts. Who have good quality contents they deserve upvotes from hight sp steemains. But its depends on positive thoughts and kindness of steemains 🙂

very vise thoughts, we are all can write good contents, but good contents need to attention of peoples who want to votes on steemit users efforts rather than useless meme contents.

Agree with you, and I did an appropriate comment on that post you linked :)
This disbalance can seriously discourage new users.

I am totally agree with you man... i also don't understand about it... how a meme can earn approx $60 SBD.... it's not just worth it.

It's fun to read. A great thought is very valuable. In addition, you write with great ability. Thanks @rockz already shared! Regards!

The amount of pending payouts most of the time depending on the reputation and the steem power of the author and the curators who upvote the post. We have seen very interesting posts that have not earn anything and the opposite in steemit until know.

These paltform really good for all specially for art, Photographer etc. Every one have effort to upload a good content which impress other in a return its post upvote....

i am agree with you. it's a valuable post. thanks for @rockz