Some thoughts about the slow steemit.

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Steemit and other steem platforms like steepshot are pretty slow the last few days... But how is that possible? It should be decentralized, right? Where is the bottleneck?

Yeah, that's true but its not the whole truth.
The steem blockchain is in fact decentralized and can access a lot of computing power, so the steem blockchain runs like it should.

But, where you possibly read this post runs on a singel server, or maybe a servercluster in a datacenter. But is a "single point of failure". If a lot of people want to access steemit they do it via and this causes slow servers and responses, but the steemblockchain is fine ;)

But why are other platforms as steepshot also that slow?
Most of them do not access the steemblockchain directly. Instead they youse a so called api (Application Programming Interface) to access the steemblockchain. This api does a lot of the stuff a programmer would have to implement by himself so a lot of programmers decide to use an api if someone wrote one.

And there is an API to access the steemblockchain. And it runs on so on the same servers at
Thats ways everything so slow :)

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Doesn't use IPFS as a protocol ? Which is also decentralized ? How does this come into play ? I am just curious about the subject.


Good input. Steemit uses IPFS as storage for media like images or videos ( for example.
And yeah IPFS is also decentralized and not the bottleneck.

A fast way to interact with steem would be to run an own steem node and access the content via the own node directly, but thats far to complicated for most of the steemit users.

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Awesome your concept sir,,,,
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Smart thinking and always update developments, that's cool!👌

Thanks for sharing @rockz!👍

let hope for the best that it will get faster. Thanks for sharing man.👍

hope it gets faster again soon, thanks for the explanation


yeah me too.
I do in fact not know why its so slow. Maybe just to many people using it, or maybe it being DDosed. No idea.

Yes even I faced some bandwidth issues few days back. Well it's a decentralized system such things can happen.

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yeah you right @rockz it's pretty slow I'm just only using steemit so I also go through so facing same issues hope they will get better soon

Yes @rockz, some time its working slow when there is heavy rush in server, i think he solved ASAP because its a big network.

Yeah sometimes it working slow when there is a heavy load. But i believe it is the best platform and may be fixed soon.

hope it gets faster again soon Thanks for sharing @rockz!👍