This is the reason the US Boats 24 F-16 Fighter Jets to Indonesia

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received two F-16 fighters at Iswahyudi's Base Camp, Madiun, briefly. The two iron birds complement two dozen F-16 fighter jets granted by the United States government to Indonesia. Later the 24 aircraft will be divided temporarily in two squadrons, each stationed in Madiun and Pekanbaru.
But why did the United States grant two dozen fighter jets worth hundreds of millions of US Dollars?
Excess Defense Articles program alias units of Washington's excess armaments save on maintenance costs for unused weaponry. For the F-16 case, the US military saves 100 to 330 million Rupiah for every hour of flight, excluding maintenance.
Usually a no longer required system of armaments is offered for purchase to US partner countries at a cost of 5 to 50% of the initial price. Under the Foreign Arms and Foreign Assistance Supervisory Law, however, the US and Russian governments can take over the cost and choose the country to grant free.
Indonesia in total requests for 30 fighter jets, namely 24 units of F-16 Block 25 for rejuvenation, four F-16 Block 25 and two F-16 Block 15 units to be disassembled and used as spare parts. The US government also provides 28 units of used Pratt and Whitney F100 Turbofan engines that are also used for the F-15 Eagle.
The request was approved by the US government in August 2011 and as a condition of Indonesia is required to provide funds to rejuvenate 24 F-16 and 28 such machines.
"The submission of 24 units of F-16 EDA is part and effort of fulfillment of TNI alutsista as an integral part of the embodiment of defense state title of smart power in order to face various dimensions of real and unreal threat that potentially disrupt the stability of state security," said Defense Minister Ryamizard as reported by Kompas .
Most fighter jets received by Indonesia have been in operation since the late 1980s and deployed for the 1991 Gulf War and the 2001 Afghan War.
According to the government plan, the US-granted F-16 fleet will acquire the latest computer system of Modular Mission Computer developed by Raytheon specifically for F-16 regeneration. According to the US defense contractor, the MMC is in charge of synergizing weapons systems, reconnaissance and navigation in the aircraft.
In addition, F-16 fleet will also get sensing sensors far the latest model and able to transport more ammunition. As additional assistance the US military will invite 30 Air Force pilots to undergo training and send teams to train nursing staff in Indonesia the world's greatest military country

Reference:This is the reason the US Boats 24 F-16 Fighter Jets to Indonesia

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