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With Streamity, it is very easy to exchange crуptоcurrеncy for fiat money and also to send cash to a mobile phone.

What is Streamity ?

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StreamDesk is the first decentralized online platform for the exchange of crуptоcurrеncy into fiat money, it allows its users to trade without bridges, it also guarantees safe and secure transaction thanks to the built-in escrow structure, i.e smart-contracts and API of payment systems.



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Streamity has a very important component/structure known as StreamDesk, it is a P2P exchange that secures the transactions of buyers/sellers using smart-contracts structure. The transactions will be made directly from user to user, the system will be triggered once the payment is made, and will automatically unlock the smart-contract and finish the deal.

Check out this intro video

Merit of StreamDesk over it's competitors

There are a lot of exchange platform but there are few advantages StreamDesk have over others which are:

  • Smart-contracts: Smart contracts are essential part of the StreamDesk, they help make transaction on the platform safe from fraud.

  • Affordable fees: The user can select preferred transfer method, but in most cases there will be no applied fees in real money but fees in crурtосurrеnсу will vary from 0-2%.

  • Cryptocurrency rates are fixed. Information about the coin rates are automatically collected from the main exchange markets.

  • Flexibility of Cryptocommunity: Fiat cash and cryptocurrency are not hindered inside the stage. Trade is led straightforwardly between the buyer and the seller.

Streamity Partners

Streamity is partnering with CIVIC, EOS, NEM and IT TEST to be compatible and effective in it processing of online transactions.

How StreamDesk can solve the current cryptocurrency exchange problems

A lot of exchange platform work only with BTC and ЕTHEREUM. When buуing/sеlling other сrурtосurrеnсіеs, the user loses a lot of funds while paying fees-applied when converting to BTC/ETH before converting to FIAT cash. But StreamDesk works with BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies to reduce funds loss while paying fees applied.

Since a lot of users losses much money as I have indicated above, StreamDesk has reduced commission when paying with cryptocurrency to 0-2%.

Streamity & StreamDesk Team

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For more information and resources

You can also watch the video I dropped above in this post for more information or check out the following links below;

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Also visit Streamity Website for more...

Disclaimer: All pictures and videos used in this post is from Streamity Website.

Thanks for reading.


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