The GM Strike Is All About Technology

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The United Auto Workers and General Motors are in a contract dispute. This led the union to go on strike in protest of what is taking place.

While many look at this as just another union/management dispute, it is not. Instead, we are looking at the future.

The core of this situation is the development of the electric vehicle. It is a foregone conclusion that the automakers are moving in this direction. General Motors is no except to the industry transformation that is taking place. Essentially, the company has no choice in the matter. There is a global shift taking place which it can no longer ignore.

Tesla is still the leading electric vehicle maker but that might not last for long. All the major car manufacturers are jumping into the game. This is going to create havoc among auto workers.

Part of the issue stems from the fact that electric vehicles have fewer parts. Thus, they are easier to manufacture, requiring less people. Of course, this does not sit well with those who depend upon the jobs.


What we are witnessing is simply another Luddite moment. People want things to remain the same. This is difficult in a rapidly changing world.

Resistance is futile. Electric vehicles are the future simply because the auto manufacturers are moving in that direction. This is compounded by the fact many countries, especially those in Europe, are putting in laws phasing out fossil fuel vehicles.

There are always those who resist technology and the changes it brings. Human adaptation is often much slower than the technological advancements.

What is interesting is companies are also slow to adapt. While some are getting ahead, others falling further behind.

All this spells trouble for both companies and workers. Unfortunately, a great deal what we are seeing is going to target a large number of jobs. Technological advancements are spanning many different industries simultaneously. Essentially, there is nowhere to hide.

The situation is the same as we see in the financial world with blockchain and cryptocurrency. The establishment is trying to control something they cannot. In the end, we are going to see the system over run by superior technology.

We are going to see a lot more situations such as the one with General Motors. Technology is going to crush those companies who are not aware of what is taking place. For those who are tuned it, there is going to be a lot of adjustment which is not going to be easy to navigate.

The pace of change is pushing these issues to the forefront very quickly. What took place in the past is of little consequence when such powerful tools are being developed.

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Only 20% of the current workforce will be required in all branches; this is good! Human life time ist too precious to be wasted for labour that machines can do. We just need to shift how we define ourselves and ensure the basic needs are covered. A wondeful time to come, so much time for great thing!

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We haven't seen nothing yet, we are entering the age of the robots were up to 40% of jobs will be lost in the future...a very scary thought.


It is incredible how many will be eliminated.

Algorithms are going to take out a lot of white collar jobs also.

Just few days ago I saw an automotive market report of one of the biggest business bank, EV will replace diesel and gasoline car by 2030 in USA and North Europe, but in my opinion there'll not be a sustainable industry with lithium ion battery. But the automotive revolution is led by the industry (the establishment), in the Blockchain world the revolution start from masses, establishment has bought the biggest share of this revolution and it is manipulating the market, with pump and dump on BTC. In this moment Blockchain revolution is losing his powerful to attack the financial system and the establishment.

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Honestly ypu are correct because we have seen it before with the industrial revolution and revolts when the loom was made. However, whats often left put is the fact that new and different careers arise from the changes and the number that are supposed to be out on the street so to speak is far lower than ever conceived.
Additionally, even with government interference in the market (which make no mistake tge heavy push for electric is) there has to be increases in battery tech before fully electric vehicles are really worth it. There has to be transitions from one to another and really there is room for both. Not to mention the majority of electric these vehicles use is from coal and gas fire plants. I am for all avenues and think a real world future uses them all and let's markets fine the answers. Good stuff thanks!

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This is a really interesting idea. I have of course heard about the strikes in the news but didn't really care to look into it at all. I am definitely interested in a modern electric car industry, but for people like me in a rural area, this may prove to be a difficult adaptation as well.

As far as the environment is concerned, one has to wonder what they will do with all of those batteries once they are no longer in use. I think this is an example of ”green” marketing where it is consumer-driven but on the scale of pollution the auto industry is only a minor player. We still have to generate the electricity to charge those things...

Thought provoking post!

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