Turn your website into an Android app for FREE in less than a minute

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Checkout this website: https://naabstore.com/


Convert your beautiful website to the perfect app, Yes, you are only a few minutes away from getting your app,

just complete a few simple steps and your application is ready.

Subscribe to Free, then Complete the app information and Bingo!

  • Can Any website be converted to an Android app?
    Not any, any website 😉 but, when your website is responsive or, in a simpler way, when your website is correctly appeared on a mobile device browsers, it can display within the Android app and your website is responsive, also there is a lot of online services to for checking the website responsiveness. So, when your website was responsive you can produce the app through the N.A.A.B Store.

  • Do this applications work without internet?
    No, these apps are a preview of your website as an Android WebView app, so you need to have active internet and site access.

  • What s the approximate time of post-order app production?
    Production of N.A.A.B applications takes place instantly, and it takes approximately 10 to 30 seconds to complete, then you can download the signed or even unsigned version of APK file instantly.

  • This Application runs on which devices?
    N.A.A.B apps run on API 19 and/or Android Version 4.4, due to the weak ability of version 4.4 in displaying websites it is advisable to consider the market for version 5 or higher, but these apps are stable on API 19 or Android 4.4.

  • Is it really free?
    Yes, the registration and app creation is free, there is some plans such as "Pro Edition" and "Splash Screen", that can be purchased by Bitcoin through blockonomics.co payment gateway. The Banner Ad is showing the application upgrades and a splash screen in the beginning shows the disclaimer about they don't have any responsibility about the app content the prices that can be removed very cheap as few dollars.

I guess this service for free is very nice and worth a try. https://naabstore.com

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