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Greetings to you dear friends. Today's my work is devoted to one serious project. Conducting technical analysis and reviewing the main ideas of the project, I realized that you should also learn about it. The ideas of the project are fundamental. The project will help develop science. And this is important. The use of the latest blockchain technology in the direction of scientific and technical developments bring the TecraCoin project to an unattainable level for competitors. Today in this article we will analyze the main ideas of the project, take a look at the product that this project will offer and talk about the future that we can achieve with the help of the TecraCoin project.



To understand the depth of the project goes to TecraCoin. I would like to start to talk with you about the main problems that the given project solves. To start the most basic problem we in the world of blockchain technologies is the wrong monetization of the technology itself. Most projects do not improve the daily lives of ordinary people. This is the main problem does not allow to scale the project. I would like to give an example of the actual use of blockchain everyday life. The Libra project from Facebook will bring many new users in the world of cryptocurrencies. The second most prominent issue is investing. There is a clear decline in investment. The fact is that most of the projects are empty, have no real grounds for investing. If you give investors the opportunity to invest in real projects, and in real development. This will solve all the problems we have with investing in the blockchain technology market. Well, besides blockchain technology, there is also science. Which is in dire need of investor support. Real live projects need funding. Research laboratories around the world need a funding tool. To develop a new generation of technology for the world. And not only technologies but also products, medicine that will contribute to the further development of our world.

The TecraCoin project team managed to solve these difficult problems. Using advanced blockchain technology, the project team will bring together real investments, research institutes, and communities. TecraCoin’s business model is unique. Ask your question of why this project may not be implemented, I did not find the answer. This is really a working idea that will help the whole world.

For those who do not like to wait, you can familiarize yourself with the official presentation of this project.



TecraCoin is a unique investment platform for the development of a research and development complex based on blockchain technology. But it's not only about investments. The most important thing is that scientific laboratories and scientific developments on this platform will be able to receive investments. No one live business or project can not do without investment. Therefore, the TecraCoin team creates a unique platform. Where will be placed all the projects that require investment? A project to develop today is too difficult to get a grant from the state or commercial organizations. And private investors can easily support the development of the project. Thereby helping the world community to reach new heights and get new technologies. Lawyers and specialists will help such projects because all new developments require patents. Everything is very simple. Projects will place their ideas on the TecraCoin platform. And investors will decide by voting on which of the projects requires initial funding.

The second key feature of this project is the ability to invest in live development and get profit from it. On the TecraCoin platform, there will be only real companies that have been tested. This gives the most important thing - security for investors. I guarantee investors further profit from investments. Also, such a system built on the blockchain simplifies and accelerates all processes related to investments. Investors will even be able to acquire company shares. Live projects, fast investments, reliable protection - that's what TecraCoin platform is.

The team also noted the fact that the cryptocurrency community will get its profit. Miners who will earn TecraCoin currency can be confident in getting their profits. That will promote the project in the cryptocurrency market. Miners can explore this issue: TecraCoin Pool

TecraCoin first study


The TecraCoin team has already turned its attention to research into the use of graphene. Developments are conducted in the field of chemistry and medicine, as well as electric power. This is really a new material that has excellent properties and its potential for today has not yet been disclosed. For more information, you can visit the official website of TecraCoin Products. You can find all the necessary information on primary development.








Road Map


Investment info

Min. investment2 USD
AcceptingBTC, ETH, Fiat
Distributed in ICO10%
Soft cap5,000,000 USD
Hard cap20,000,000 USD




The project looks great. Great idea. Using new technologies. An excellent package of documents thanks to which you can understand whether it is worth investing in this project. Most of all I liked the fact that the project opens up new opportunities for attracting investment in science. In my opinion, the project has everything it needs. There is a wallet. There is an idea. I do not see any obstacles to the further development of this project. Thank you for your attention dear friends!


The Idea | Products | Patents |Roadmap |Team | Vision



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Great project for investment. I think this project seriously pvlivaet cryptocurrency market.💲


Yes indeed the project is interesting.

Another great project review. Thank you friend. I'll be waiting for your next article.


In the coming days I will publish a few more works.

Да вы правы. Отличный проект. Есть живая идея. Инвестирования в научные разработки мне кажутся более перспективными чем в криптовалюты.


Спасибо что посетили мою работу. Рад что проект вам понравился.