RobRae and BBTerra Forever!

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This screenshot motivational poster is dedicated to all of my RobRae and BBTerra-shipping friends, fans, fellow artists, and brethren. So, sit back, relax, and soak in that RobRae elegance and BBTerra genuineness.

If there are two Teen Titans 2003 couples I have been consistently shipping ever since I was a pre-teen which still hold up today, they would have to be Robin x Raven aka RobRae and Beastboy x Terra aka BBTerra. The mere fact I have been pairing these two couples together ever since I was between eleven and twelve years old just shows how amazingly well these two couples have held up in my eyes. There has always been something extremely genuine and undeniably pure about RobRae and BBTerra to the point where I have become the proud and loyal shipper of these two couples.

Whether one calls them The Birds or Two Birds of the same Feather, Robin x Raven always had that dark yet intriguing brilliance which has made this couple shine like the most precious of jewels. As opposed to the preppy Starfire, who I mainly pair her with the rapid-mouthed and dashing Speedy, Raven's brand of solemnity, wisdom, conscientiousness, cognizance, and intellect make her a far more compatible life partner to Robin. It is this opposites-attract chemistry which makes RobRae all the more fascinating to witness considering how much Robin and Raven respect each other on a profound level and which make their personalities mesh surprisingly well. Robin may be impulsive, rough around the edges, and prone to anger and Raven may be reclusive, taciturn, and sarcastic, but put these two together and one will see just how wonderfully they can show compassion, respect, and honesty towards each other. Episodes such as "Nevermore", "Haunted", "The Prophecy", and "The End Parts 1, 2, and 3" display how well Robin can respect Raven's boundaries, be willing to protect her from all harm, and how greatly they can understand each other and every facet that they are not only as heroes but also as individuals.

Synergy and beauty come in full bloom and show whenever Beastboy x Terra aka BBTerra appear and have these two traits on show when they are together. Beastboy and Terra have this stress-free, well-meaning, and unconditionally lovable aura which define them as a couple who will always see the best in each other. I am fully aware that Terra may not be the fan favorite, however, one also has to realize that Terra, at least in the 2003 incarnation, was still a young girl of 13 years old, who has just approached adolescence and had to deal with the ups, downs, and confusions of this phase until fate stepped in to introduce her to Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Beastboy and their brand of camaraderie as well as Slade's brand of manipulation. On top of that, Terra is a bit younger than Beastboy, thus making their relationship all the more palpable and more believable and sharing many similar interests. Raven has always seen Beastboy as nothing more than an annoying younger brother figure, hence all of the slaps, smacks, and sass he ends up receiving because of his goofiness and occasional recklessness, and Starfire has this really kind, supportive, and sweet friendship with Beastboy, but Terra has that special facet about her which make her and Beastboy far more compatible than his other two female teammates, who function more as his older sister figures. Episodes such as "Terra", "Titan Rising", "Betrayal", and even "Aftershock Part 2" illustrate just how strong, beautiful, and genuine Beastboy's and Terra's relationship truly was. In spite of Terra's betrayal, Beastboy still believed that following Slade was not the path that Terra deserved and knew how confused and misunderstood she was, thus making her make the huge, redeeming sacrifice of stopping a molten volcano with every last drop of her powers. It was sad that Season 3 could have started off with the Titans trying to find a cure to revive Terra, considering how I still have a love-hate relationship with the final episode "Things Change", but that is what headcanons are for, and in my headcanon, Terra has ended up alive and well with getting herself into all of the shenanigans and roller-coaster moments she and her teammates find themselves in ranging from visiting Tamaran coming face-to-face with Blackfire, Galfore, and all of the Tamaranian denizens to Beastboy being doused with the chemicals which made him at first ruder and angrier to becoming the Beastman creature to Mumbo turning them into various animals to encountering Titans East to confronting Brother Blood and The Hive Five to finding herself meeting her darker, more evil self when Trigon ended up nearly bringing the world to pandemonium. When all is said and done, BBTerra is a couple I will love, cherish, and defend to the ends of the earth.

That, my friends, is my manifesto as to why I really cherish RobRae and BBTerra as my OTPs for life. Discussion and debate are always appreciated in the comments below, as long as they are kept in a civil manner.

I hope you all enjoyed this screenshot motivational poster revolving around RobRae and BBTerra and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, everybody,

Robin, Raven, Beastboy, Terra, and the screenshots from "The End Part 3" and "Betrayal" from Teen Titans 2003 belong to Glen Murakami, David Slack, DC Comics, Warner Brothers Animation, and Cartoon Network.

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