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Telecardiology system for Patients
It is a system that provides timely first aid to heart patient. The death rate of heart patients in Pakistan is very high. Peoples die at home or on the road if first aid is not provided at on time. Such incidents can be prevented with the help of telecardiology system when consultants are not available at village hospitals.
How can we create this system?
. all hospitals should be on one plate form.
. whatsapp will be use to control all system
. whatsapp will be the source of communication
.a special control room system will be set for this purpose.
. The expert ecg team will be sit in the control room.
. day will be divided into three shifts.
. one team will be available at every time.
.an expert cardiologist will perform his duty in each shift.
. ECG team has five minutes to give comments on ECG.
.all dispensers and ECG technicians of every shift will be added into whatsapp group.
. Control room will inform in five minutes to relevant hospital.
. Control room will be touch with patient until the patient will recover.
. When the patient needs a primary angiography it will be the duty of control room to arrange it immediately.
. Patients will be provided with a special tag number .
Equipments used in hospitals:

  1. ECG machines
  2. D.Firilators
  3. Android Moile/Ta
  4. Internet
  5. Emergency Trolley with Medicines
  6. Oxy External pacing patches
  7. Control room
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