Telegram is still being used as the preferred secure backup? WTF?!?!

4개월 전

Youtubers are still using this as the ultimate way to have a secure backup channel

Are they that stupid? A centralized system, where one person can turn the switch off just like in Youtube. Did they not learn anything? Will the whole opposition to current events be as centralized as before?

We have seen that all countries on earth take part in the current mega-scam.

I hate that I need to give access and verify my phone in order to access those Telegram channels, no way around it... That is a great way for them to know who is not in line and can be targeted in all types of ways.

The format of the provided information is reallly horrible... You are not able to search in those channels or comment anything. This shall be the future?? Or is this some kind of controlled opposition move? I think that this is plain stupidity though.

The only thing that would be a negative obviously if Hive would not be able to feed its server park, but that could only happen if there are no users on this system. If everybody brought their followers here this would be certainly not the case. Hive would rise in price and they could really earn a good living from their rewards.

The Hive community should reach out

I think Hive would be a much better way to communicate with their followers, we would not need to sign up and verify with Telegram and could comment. If good information is posted even comments could earn something. And if one Web would censor people could switch to another Web, or use direct blockchain explorers in order to read the information directly.

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