Tell A Story To Me - Big Brother's Got Your Back

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Tell A Story To Me,

Oh The Endless Possibility,

Let Your Imagination Run Free

And Win Some SBD!

Welcome to Tell A Story To Me - new and improved in the @bananafish realms! @calluna here very happy to be bringing you #tellastorytome from our wonderful @bananafish account

The Prizes

First Place - win 5SBD

Second Place - wins 3 @steembasicincome shares

Third Place - this is triggered once we hit ten entries and wins 2 @steembasicincome shares

All entries will also receive a 100% @bananafish upvote and resteem

Author’s Choice & Voters Prize - Author’s Choice wins 1 SBD and 2 @steembasicincome shares so everyone who enters will be given the chance to vote for their favourite from the other entries - I will release a list of entries when the contest closes and will be asking for the votes there. Lucky voters will also win!

Round One

tell a story final.jpg

Artwork by Mad Uncle Studios


1. One Entry Per Person, written for this contest, and inspired by the prompt
2. Prose, poetry, any form of fiction is accepted, as long as you tell me a story based on the prompt
3. Contest closes Midnight (BST) on Monday April 15th (That gives you two weeks to enter)
4. Use the tag #tellastorytome
5. One picture only
6. Link back to this contest somewhere in your post.
7. No min length and aim for under 4,000 words
8. Post a link to your tale in the comments below

The Prompt

Big Brother's Got Your Back

I am looking for a science fiction/horror/fantasy (fiction of any sort), set in the future, where most appliances are ‘smart’ and are always listening ready to be of assistance - and keep you safe.

I want to hear a story set at some point in the future, where most of technology/appliances people purchase and use in the home is ‘smart’. Amazon Echo and Alexa recordings have already been used in court, and the challenge here is to tell a story where devices that listen, record, and potentially react are normal in homes. I would like a fictional story set in a world where this sort of ‘smart’ tech is so commonplace that society, police, laws etc have adapted to it. This doesn't have to be the focus of your story, and could be the background world where it plays out, where you go with it is up to you!


The Bananafish Tribe!

Tell A Story To Me is now part of the @bananafish family, we run a selection of regular contests including a weekly edition of #finishthestory and a brilliant weekly haiku contest, all writers are welcome so head over for your fiction fix!

A special thanks to @gwilberiol, @dirge, @tristancarax, @theironfelix, @raj808, @brisby, @maverickinvictus, @cyemela, @marcoriccardi, @hidden84, @calluna, @oivas, @ntowl, @f3nix,, @khasa and @vdux who's their precious delegations make this project a reality!


I was aiming for a nice speculative prompt here, prime for many turns down many genres. I am hoping it isn’t too open, and the idea of Big Brother listening and protecting from every device is your home inspires you with plenty of plot ideas! There’s two weeks to enter so have a mull, let those creative juices flow and see where the pen (or keyboard) takes you!

Don't forget to include a link in the comments!

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Hi, @calluna: I'm posting under my second account, @agmoore2. I upvoted the original and will support the other stories here as @agmoore, which has more VP.

Hope you like my story, my first post on this account:
First Pair of Shoes

Here be me entry for the grand reopening of this contest here!!!!~ Hopefully true to and better than the form of entries I had in the past submitted as well!!!!~
Tell a Story To Me.png

Hello, @calluna and @bananafish. I leave my entry to this seductive proposal:

Good luck to everyone!

Mmh that smart in inverted commas makes my mind trip! Look at our dark powers growing.. Cheers to @calluna and ALL HAIL THE MORTIPUS!



I really can't wait to see what it gets me!

May our army arise with gilded bosoms and overflowing cups haha

mortipus mini.jpg

I am so happy to see this prompt. I like especially this invitation:

it is up to you

Including the prompt somehow thematically is the challenge, but how we do that...ah, that's going to be fun. All kinds of viable tangents...I am resteeming and hoping many will decide to write a story.

Good luck with the launch in the bananafish realm.


I always loved this style of prompt the most, the ones where I specify a certain element in the world, and the many tangents we end up with.

thank you so much, and I really hope you have time to come up with something <3


I will find time, because I want to support your contest. I think we need more outlets for creative writing on Steemit. It's very hard to just put a piece out there, on it's own. The context of community is helpful. So...I may do something creative, like a poem. I don't write poetry, so this will be great fun. Maybe humiliating, but fun.

You have my support. Glad your back in action!


Wooo yeah! Finally all that waiting paid off ;)

Like this development. And the art. Ha ha


The art is the best I see around, I'm so proud that the Bananafish always took care of the artistic side in every contest. Kudos to @calluna!!


Aww damn thank you, passed your compliment son to my uncle and he was chuffed <3

really hope we get to see your moves in action this time


Funny. Makes me think of my cousins raising livestock for 4H. That would make my Uncle proud. Ha ha

Yuppieee! At last! Best wishes for the contest, @calluna!


Wooo yeah! Thank you <3 Will you be tempting into show us how to tell an epic story through poetry? ;)


thank you very much, and i do really like this poem, however it doesn't really meet the prompt (although i can see how it was inspired by the title for the round) so if you would like to have another look at the prompt and submit an entry based on it, you would be very welcome <3


Welcome and i move with my inspiration and if i will get the inspiration to submit one more piece then i will. Thank you so much for your response. Have a great time ahead.

Yay!!!! It's back!


A magnificent initiative, @calluna.
@bananafish has me writing full time.
I'm happy!
I really like your contest proposal!


oh I am so glad you like, I always enjoy your finish the story entries so I am really looking forward to what you have in store for us this time. And so very grateful to our @bananafish with all these reasons to write <3

@bananafish, Interesting contest and looking forward to it. Let's hope that some cool pieces will be submitted ahead.

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<3 ~IT'S BACK!!!!~ <3
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Flyin' hugs.gif



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Helloo there! My dear @bananafish and @calluna!

Finally, here is my entry:

As I promised



Oh I'm sorry, I think you may have dropped your link in the wrong place, but would love it if you have time to come up with something for this prompt as well <3


Ooo yeah the idea of a 'smart' elf is very appropriate, although this I am not sure this technically tells a story, i would love it if you have chance to continue this poem to tell a story of the child and their smart magic elf , I always really enjoy the poetic entries and this has so much potential <3