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We are back for part two of this round, vote for your favourite entry to win! We had a fantastic round, and I can't wait to get stuck in to all the wonderful stories you all put together.

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Artwork by Mad Uncle Studios

More Prizes?

That's right, there are even more prizes in part two of each round!

Author's Choice - wins 1 SBD and 2 @steembasicincomes shares

Three Winning Voters (Authors) - 1 @steembasicincome share for three authors who vote for their favourite story

Two Winning Voters (Public) - 1 @steembasicincome share for two members of the public who vote for their favourite story

How To Win

Read the entries below and decide which one is your favorite, cast your vote down in the comments below to be in with a chance to win. Let me know which entry you liked the most, and why. The winners will be chosen at random from the most well thought out comments (which are not necessarily the longest).

Vote for your favourite story in the comments before midnight on Saturday 20th April

This round, three authors who entered a story in this round and two members of the public can win, so let's get stuck into the entries!

The Stories

Check out the fantastic stories and vote for your favourite.

@vasigo with Big Brothers Got Their Back

@theironfelix with And so Insomnia acted

@adncabrera with Cradle 3000

@agmoore2 with First Pair Of Shoes

@cyemela with Big Brother’s Got Your Back

@jadams2k18 with 3 AIs

@darthgexe with Comfortably Prisoner


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Thank you so much to everyone who has entered this round <3

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My favorite stories were those of @adncabrera and @agmoore / @agmoore2, the world of First Pair Of Shoes, where everyone is controlled by the chip on their feet, and where you have to "install" the shoes on people is a spooky and great idea, really charm me. On the other hand, the "innocent" Cradle 3000 that raises a girl and gradually turns her against her mother, is something more likely and therefore more terrifying. Is not already happening something similar on a smaller scale?

Not only the dystopic micro-universe itself but also the way things are narrated, which makes us doubt little by little that things are really good to make my vote go to @adncabrera.


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"first pair of shoes" - this is the best

{Now as I accidentally went to sleep and forgot to post this which then I will go to sleep, let’s see what I have to say}:

Hello my fellow humanicans, derps and trolls and fellow anons! I am most graciously glad we have the #tellastorytome contest back online and in full force in the gun barrel of the @bananafish. I am grateful to write the short stories I love to write and some more. I have found memories of creating some of my most favorite stories here (Ashley-n-Saddie love!) and just epic stories here. But without further ado, let’s go ahead and self-v... while I do love to make this a joke on every occasion, I think I will spare the joke this time as this smart-Police-bot takes me away from my home to jail for considering to #self-vote... wait the robot said I could actually self-vote but I’m jail for another reason? Dunno, but let’s get to my vote of this week’s choice:

@agmoore2 is the one that should be LOVED and should SPARKLE (okay last time I am taking your love and sparkle gig, Cally; can we see it back into these posts please!~). As I outlined in my comment on @agmoore2’s piece, I love the story not for the direct and intended meaning of mother’s loss of social authority over the child and the child’s loss of vulgar freedom. More-so that I more loved the highlighting of smart technology that can steal and utilize data while highlighting how absurd (addendum inside a comment I making: and yet normal it can be) to the lengths they take to surveillance.

{Now back to schleep and Gay noises c:}


[This is a service announcement - during a recent emotional upgrade to our smartbots, their ability to enjoy their jobs has been greatly improved, this has led to a high jump in efficiency, and overall, has been a resounding success. No where has this been as visible as with our smart-police-bots who are getting a little over enthused, and have been locking people up for no crime what so ever. We are currently trying to convince them it really isn't all that fun, and would like to assure all members of the public, non-crimes such as self-voting if you genuinely feel you were the best, are not supposed result in incarceration, or subsequent incineration - which is still proven to be the best way to prevent repeat offences. We would like to assure all those currently in jail, that the incinerators are responding to reason very well, and we are pleased to announce they will stop murdering innocent people by tomorrow. We would like the opportunity to recommend having a meal with one of our smart-chef-bots, as due to the upgrade they are very keen to prepare food for as many users as possible, and we would like to avoid them having to come to you. We expect normal operation to be resumed at some point tomorrow, and overall, are very pleased with the effectiveness of this latest set of initiatives, we would like to thank all those who worked so hard on this project. Please be advised, any fatalities incurred during the interim will receive a lifetime of compensation. Love and sparkle]


Can only think It was behind the recent upgrades:
And yay! The PSA and Love and Sparkle are back!!!!~

My vote goes to @adncabrera. Dystopian Future tales are rampant. Always bleak. This story painted hope for humanity and a future generation of children.

My favorite is @adncabrera with Cradle 3000.

I loved the story of @agmoore2 with First Pairs of Shoes.

I just reread @adncabrera's story and saw a subtle message in there that escaped me on the first reading. Of course the cradle is sinister and the child is being conditioned to turn against its mother. But more happens here. The mother is complicit. She cedes control. She willingly lets the cradle substitute for her because that's easy. I think that's a critical message. When we lose our liberty, sometimes it's not because an enemy has rolled in with tanks and guns blasting. It's because we weren't vigilant. It's because we were lazy and let it happen.
Now, maybe I'm reading more into this than the author intended, but if you look at it closely, the mother plays a part and by the time she realizes that and wants to take her child back, it is too late. How many people, countries, have found themselves in a similar circumstance?
So, though we had some great stories here, I (Kafka fan--and I do see a philosophical connection) will cast my vote for @adncabrera.

Dear friends, writers participating in this adventure designed by @calluna and promoted by the @bananafish team, I apologize for my late response to this assessment and for making a single comment for six good texts. I have very few CR (and it' s going into a tailspin) and it has been a problem these days to adapt to these restrictions.
I would also like to thank you for the comments you have made about my story. For a writer, the opinion of his readers is a treasure. Really, I am very grateful.
It was a great pleasure to read your texts.
The story of @cyemela was a pleasant surprise with his proposal of a world that creates a fictitious reality to maintain a fiction of the purpose of life. The wink to Steemit was great.
The story of @vasigo manages to construct a context that portrays very well the possible social consequences of a reality dominated by technology, but not only that. He develops well the details and his description of the anatomical "deformities" resulting from the intensive use of computers, converted into elements of physical attractiveness is really suggestive. I think it has there the matrix of a much longer story, because it builds a world that deserves development.
The story of @jadams2k18 is charming. From the very beginning, it draws on the discursive and narrative elements of traditional European folktales. The Grimm brothers collected many nice stories in which the protagonists were objects, a wardrobe, a needle, a poker... and their story (from the beginning "Once upon a time...") reminded me of them. Unlike the other writers, @jadams2k18 appealed for a kind of retro nostalgia, and that was original.
The story of @darthgexe is told with skill. The central character is very well constructed, especially in the first part of the story and in his confrontation with the IA who controls his house and reveals a perverse conspiracy of totalitarian control through the fiction of a plague.
As always, the story of @theironfelix surprised me. His narrative style descentrates me by its uninhibition, and its ability to print strange atmospheres not exempt of humor.
And, finally, @agmoore2, captivated me with his story. Through an everyday element and an elemental (actually emotional) family relationship, it reveals perverse mechanisms of control and social vigilance. Its narrative procedure is efficient, clean, well executed and without rubble. In addition, it awakens a deep fear, which has a warning charge. I also liked very much the subtle way in which she contrasts the vision of the "provider" (who may unconsciously cuetione surveillance mechanisms) and the vision of the mother, who anticipates with sorrow the pain of the punishments her daughter will suffer (as she has suffered before) when "she strays from the path"... as she did before her daughter and as she knows her daughter will inevitably do. This possibility opens up interesting speculation because it outlines both the path of conformity, chosen by the mother, and the path of rebellion, which is potentially in the child. The use of suggestion as a narrative mechanism is used by @agmoore2 in a particularly efficient way. Of the stories I think it is the one that best fits that "domestic" climate in which it is revealed that technology has permeated all walks of life: from the most intimate family relationships, to social and political relationships.
It seems to me that the premise of the contest is very well taken up and I would definitely vote for First Pair of Shoes.

A hug for everyone!


I understand you put love into your comment but I request one addendum. But ahem, I am a she not a he. Thanks for understanding.


Hello, @theironfelix!
I wanted to apologize for my mistake. English is not my mother tongue and this tic with the pronouns usually comes out when I don't pay enough attention. Apparently my comment was missing some "grammatical love", and I'm sorry also for @agmoore2, who is also a "she", although the rest I have no clues about his/her sex. I hope I didn't offend.
PS. My few RCs don't allow me to answer as fast as I would like.

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I like to vote for @adncabrera