Tell A Story To Me, And Win 5 SBD! Writing Contest #7 - Genetic Manipulation & Winners of #6

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Tell A Story To Me,
Oh The Endless Possibility,
Let Your Imagination Run Free
And Maybe Win Some SBD!

Welcome to Tell A Story To Me. We are here with another prompt, and we had such a good round last time! I am so pleased to see so many entries getting curie notice - it is well deserved!Thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful tale!

The Winners #6

First Place

This was one of the hardest rounds I have judged so far! Which as difficult as it was, I can't help but be happy about, it was such a pleasure to read them all.

@f3nix with The Sound From Outer Space

This is a beautifully detailed story, that spins out and draws you in with it. I love how this story has still fulfilled all the criteria for a world of hot or cold, yet given a different meaning to thermal apocalypse.

What the heck, extra prizes!

You all wrote such great stories, I really couldn't pick just one winner!

@mervin-gil with Celsius

The world created here is wonderful, the story is detailed enough to pull you in, but is still easy to follow. It does feel complete, although I could have happily read more of this one. This was a very close second, so you get 1Sbd and 1 @steembasicincome share

Also, @sneikder and @alito942010 - you each get 1SBD for (I am assuming accidentally) telling stories that felt like they one picked up where the other left off. That was a very fun twist!

Author's Choice

Thank you to everyone who came back to vote for the authors choice award

@jhnmunoz with Icarus

Winning Voter

The winning voter for this round was @antimetica who really put a lot of thought into her pick.

Anyone can win 1 @steembasicincome just by voting so even if you don't have chance to enter, you can head back for another chance to win!

The Prizes

First Place - win 5SBD in every round

Second Place - this is triggered once we hit ten entries, and 1SBD and 1 @steembasicincome share

Third Place - this is triggered once we hit twenty entries and is either 1SBD or 1 @steembasicincome share

Stand Out Story - if I am still thinking about your story by the time the next contest goes up, you will win your choice of 1SBD or 1 @steembasicincome share

Author's Choice & Voters Prize - I have a prize for Authors Choice so I am asking everyone who enters to vote for their favourite from the other entries - I will release a list of entries when the contest closes and will be asking for the votes there. One lucky vote will also win!

Round Five


1. One Entry Per Person
2. Prose, poetry, any form of fiction is accepted, as long as you tell me a story based on the prompt
3. Your entry must be written for this contest, and inspired by the prompt
4. Entries must be submitted by Midnight (BST) on Tuesday July 10th (10 days from now - we will back back during the following week with the voting round)
5. Use #tellastorytome, you don't have to, but your stories are so good I feel like they deserve their own tag
6. One picture only please, additional images of text are fine, but I want you to tell me a story with words, so only one actual picture
7. First Place wins 5SBD more prizes up for grabs if we get enough entries
8. Link back to this contest at the bottom of your story. I would be really grateful if you also resteemed this contest (not doing so won't get your entry disqualified, but it is very much appreciated to help get the word out there, and more entries means more prizes)
9.I don’t really want to specify how long it should be, so no min length, and aim for under 4,000 but if it goes a little over, don't worry
10. Post a link to your tale in the comments below

The Prompt

Your entry must be inspired by this prompt, I am not giving a sentence to include this time, but I am looking to hear the story of

Humans have manipulated their genes with drastic results, set your story five generations later.

I really enjoyed the blend of sci fi and horror I got to read in the last round, so hopefully we have another topic with plenty of scope for both.

I am looking for a science fiction/horror story set about five generations after genetic manipulation

I want to hear the story of humans who altered their gene pools generations ago, and the impact that is having on the current generation. This doesn't have to be the main focus of the story, and can be the setting in which your story plays out, or it can be the driving force, the rest is up to you!

If you are looking for more ideas, some of the questions I am hoping to see answered are:
- In what way did humans change themselves?
- Why did people implement genetic manipulation?
- How has the effect changed as people with manipulation genes have children and generations go by?

I have left a lot open, and look forward to seeing where you go with this. Depending on how it is approached, it could be a controversial topic, it could be one of current relevance, or it could be pure fantasy, and I can't wait to see what I get this time! I am going to try and get more regular with this, and have a contest out every two weeks.

Don't forget to include a link in the comments!

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Here be my submission: Ides of March anno domini 21XX for this contest. Fun fact, I lost ~40% progress because of a posting bug!

Thanks for running this! Here's my entry:

Congratulations to the winners. Well done!


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Going to post my story here very soon. Woot!

I'll partake. Thanks and well done @calluna 😊

Thank you Cal, it's been a pleasure and an honor and I'm happy that, once in a while, I've been pushed and managed to write something "complete" lol. Five generations after huh.. a lot of stuff can happen!

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Sorry for the delay, but if there's still a chance, here's my entry to your wonderful contest!

Fragmented (Sci-Fi Short-Story)


Thank you for your entry, voting is now open - tell me which story you liked most and why for an extra chance to win!

Well, I have no excuses to arrive so late. however, if you are willing to let it pass, here is my entry.


Thank you for your entry, voting is now open - tell me which story you liked most and why for an extra chance to win!