Buy your Telos on !



Here you can buy Telos P

This is a pegged telos steem engine that is backed 1;1 with real Telos, in a smart contract and in a publicly verifiable account @steemnenginex on eos and telos

SOONTlostesting.png You will be able to launch your own telos token for 1000 steem just like EOS-EX service from @someguy123

I expect to get WPS funding to get a telosP based Tribe AND to get Telos MAIN NET wallets showing up in @steempeak AND there is no other way to create a jump in interest in development that cheap than by joining telos and @steempeak . This will allow telos community to visualize blockchain social media better.


Soon you'll be able to create a token in a turn key fashion without needing any code, just pay 100 steem for a Steem Engine token and then 1000 Steem +$4 in telos to create your telos. Having your smart contract deployed will be taken care of by @privex and you'll be given keys for an eos or ntelos account to control your new token. you can then work to build you token up to get on newdex but your token is already LISTED when its created, on the steem engine dex which i think is a HUGE deal, something @aggroed has given us all as a gift! I believe some would let us create tokens for 100 steem but make us pay 1000 to list. i can see @aggroed maybe doing this in the future to put up a paywall to block spam tokens, and ensure only more serous projects were listed... just a possibility for a competitor to steem engine with possibly higher volume and bancor style bots built in (Steem Engine NEW website could have this )

OR, take higher trading fees for a free listing :) So many options but iI love the free DEX steem engine offers now. Ill work on tools with @someguy123 in hist github to make the privex gateway appear as decentralized as possible top general public. We need to show them you can hold the keys for your eos and telos pegged assets if you dont trust the peg... you can actually back your own pegged tokens with a telos account that YOU own the keys for! And it all stays inside steem engine

Anyway come to the discord here for 1 free TLOSP

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Hi @Ackza, I have made 2 successful deposits of TELOSP on STeem-engine, however, the third deposit I tried doing yesterday has not been credited to my steem-engine wallet. What could be the cause? Its more than 12 hours


yeah i know sorry its steem engine @privex gateway, and eos blockchain, it all wewnt down in a chain reactioin, they had to make new node v1 history node eos blah blah blkah haha i have to tell eevryone this lol

the telos stuff went down too cuz was made with eosio

they will just refund them all, ill ask @someguy123 of @privex over on steem-engien discord to refund the tlosp :) he will do it all in a batch

go on the telegram ill just send u mroe tlos on telegram tip bot mroe reliable

steem engien will get fiuxed tho so once and for all cuz someguy123 is finding a soluton so it wont go down again but it was also cuz of CPU on eos peopelhas to have CRAZZZY CPu and it effecte dtelos cu we used teh same history node

were tryin to get hyperiod to work, its lek u have to pay to be a developer on eos now tho just to get access to the eos blockchan data cuz its 15 terabytes a month and $25k to maage a nod eor its crazy eos is crazy lol but telos is better :D

ill send u some telos while we wait for refund, just come on the telegram

butyeah report ur refund need to @someguy123 we apologize for teh incovinince

heres 5 TLOSP

@ackza Wonderful, thanks for all the effort to put new things for everyone's benefit

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