I made a mistake on my Telos WPS and must make sure Steem knows telos is a SISTER chain of EOS, (Not a fork or side chain )


I made a small error in my latest worker proposal that could have become a much larger misinformation problem confusing Telops as a Sister chain, with the mistake of it being a sidechain/fork of eos. And thank you to Marlon for pointing this mistake out, he is from Qubicles QBE Decentralised Office / Call center Management Token and he told me about my inactive worker proposal that i never started the ballot for, https://t.me/HelloTelos

My last worker proposal is passing now with 3 million telos worth orf votes


In it I made the mistake of saying Telos is a Side chain / fork of eos, when it is an independent network, airdropped to eos genesis account holders but NOT a fork of eos, and not a side chain. It is a sister chain of eos. And it is still within EOSIO .

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And check out Marlon from telos Miami's QBE project https://fenero.io/qubicles

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