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Yesterday being the 8th of November 2019 was an unforgettable day as The Brain behind The Telos Blockchain Network Douglas Horn was interviewed by Telos is built on the EOSIO technology and it launched it's mainnet in 2018. The Network is the First Zero Inflation Third Generation Blockchain.

During the interview, Telos Architect spoke to the EOS team about the aim and goals of Telos. He explained what Telos really is saying it is a Public Blockchain that has it's focus on empowering mass adoption and how the network is providing powerful tools to make it easy for App builders to go ahead with their Develop cycles and become World Leaders in terms of Reliable and Functional Blockchain Governance.

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He also stated that Telos is providing opportunities to individuals and groups through Blockchain Technology and making it possible by pushing boundaries of Blockchain user experience and the ease of usage. Telos offers it's community Dispute Resolution, Future development, Funding based on Community Priorities and Voting on the Communities direction and these are necessity for the longevity and advancement of the blockchain. With Telos, People are given Opportunities to partake in Governance.
EOSIO is a perfect platform to build a Network on because of it's Capacity to carry out powerful computations in half a second making it one of the fastest blockchain platforms currently available. This is the reason why the Telos Boss chooses EOSIO over other platforms.
Telos Network owner added that is dedicated to bring new features and improvement to the EOSIO reference software which is a given. Telos is now testing the EOSIO 2.0 release candidate.
Read through the Interview Here

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SO important! when my TLOS orders get bought on steem engine ill go send ya some more and i got more telso comin from rex and proposals, our africa telos proposal is passing man