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In Trying times like this when the world’s economy has been severely affected due to the Covid19 crises, Word has to be spread globally and accordingly about Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency investment, being that people need to always have means of investments to fall back on. For those who might have not heard of this Network, I am about to introduce you to the Telos Network, an EOSIO software based network that was established on December 18th 2019. The Network now has a community on the Hive social media platform and all those who read this article are welcome to Subscribe.

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Telos is a high Capacity, Cost-effective and Scalable Blockchain based ecosystem that pushes Visionary and Potential leaders, communities, firms or businesses to join forces and effect a new global economy which is done through the usage of cutting-edge tools to share and implement ideas focusing on a common purpose. Users on the platform are able build autonomous corporations, experience fast transactions which take about 0.5 secs to completely be processed, access their assets very easily on the network. This platform is no doubt a one-stop blockchain for the billions of unbanked people we currently have in the world right now. Telos Network has the most robust digital governance features of any blockchain. This very Governance as a service does not exist as a working product anywhere else. Aside from being one of the fastest growing dapp platforms, Here are some of the Network’s outstanding features:)

Telos Work Proposal System: A system that allows users to submit work proposals.

Telos Decide: A digital on-chain governance engine that provides variety of voting services for devs and Telos users. The engine can be effectively be deployed to dapps.

Dispute Resolution: An Optional function that enforces human readable contracts and key recovery on dapps built on the Telos blockchain.

Presently, A lot of Games, Companies and platforms are Deploying their dapps to Telos. The Telos Network recently Announced partnership with three different gaming companies that brought about the launch of Qudo- A platform developed by Portugal’s BlockBastards, Farm game and AreaX Games. Here is a breakdown of the gaming platforms.

Qudo: This is a platform that makes uses of a reward mechanism operating with proof of gameplay. Users are being rewarded with QUDO tokens that can be either sold or used to purchase games. User’s rewards are based on time put in on gameplay or Unlocked levels. The first game which this tokens will be used is the Blox tower game(an educational Blockchain game).




AreaX: A platform that Shelters free HTML 5 games. Users are rewarded with TLOS tokens and DRIC{AreaX local token).

Farm Games: A platform that allows users to bet on games like DOTA2, Counter Strike. TLOS tokens are being used as prizes on the platform.

Telos is also involved in an alliance with Genobank to see that COVID testing is easily being accessed Universally. They are also platforms like Peeranha built on Telos where you can get paid for answering questions. On Peeranha platform, one can become an expert which is determined by votes you have gotten in the community. Blockchain Public Relations firm, Transform are also partnering with Telos and this Development was being voted for by Telos Block Producers. Click on this Link to explore latest developments on Telos.

This is the native cryptocurrency of the Telos Network with total supply of 355,298,371 TLOS tokens, circulating supply of 255,778,479 TLOS and Market Capital of $6 million USSD. The token is also used for staking, renting app resources, voting the future direction of the Network.

Telos foundation is a decentralized, independent,not-for-profit organization whose role is promoting the blockchain network of the future. The foundation helps in network development, branding, resource management, promoting adoption, co-ordination, partnership and grants.

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