Telos - TLDR #10 - Were your EOS Keys or Account Stolen or Hacked? Or...

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Did you fail to register your ERC-20 tokens prior to the EOS Snapshot?

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How will recovering my account/keys affect me?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be eligible to recover your EOS account in order to receive Telos tokens.

Telos, a fork of EOS, will be launching a blockchain very soon and the founders wants to ensure EOS holders who accounts or keys were lost, stolen, or compromised, have the opportunity to restore them. Once recovered, holders will receive Telos tokens when the blockchain launches.

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Why is Telos restoring these accounts? One of Telos' main goals is to create a blockchain where the voting power is not concentrated into the hands of a very few large account holders. Small account holders are just as passionate about the project as large holders.

Telos want to level the playing field by spreading the voting power of the account holders to reach a wider sampling of the community. Recovering accounts will increase the voting population for Telos and while strengthening the community.

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How can I verify my account in order to recover my tokens based on the EOS ERC-20 Ethereum account? Telos is devising a plan to cryptographically ensure the original owner of the account in question is verified. All of the details have not been finalized, yet. However, a link to the recovery process will be posted on the Telos website soon.

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After my account is recovered, will I be eligible for airdrops based on the Telos blockchain? Yes.

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I know someone who may have lost access to their account prior to EOS snapshot, what should I do? Tell them about the account recovery process and encourage them to spread the word. The more account holders that reclaim their accounts, the stronger the Telos community becomes.

The details about recovery process will be posted on the Telos website soon.

Thanks for reading.

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