Appoint a Voting Proxy - FreedomQuest - Keeping together we will continue forward

9개월 전

Keeping together we will continue forward

At SteemChurch we believe in love and union, so today we ask to delegate voting power to our proxy 'FreedomQuest'

Our 'FreedomQuest' proxy represents all the good that SteemChurch has brought to many places thanks to the blockchain.

 The good Christian values, the love of Jesus towards our fellowmen, the compassion for those who need.

God has kept us together all this time, and so we want to continue, in SteemChurch - Telos we believe that this new people will shine the light of God even more and many people will be benefited, people who go through difficulties in their nations.

At SteemChurch we believe in Christ's love for us, we believe in good values, we believe that blessings will come soon, we believe in freedom, we believe in Jesus Christ.

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Thanks for the great education about @sc-telos Apostle Marcelo, gradually we are on cause and with the hope in Christ who has resurreected we will reach at where we are going. Have a blessed Easter!


Great greeting from the beautiful community of SteemChurch-Telos my dear friend


Thanks to the help of the main parish of the church. @steemchurch

Well said, it’s for us to make it good for our own interest. Peace!

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