BEATITUDES : Receive your heart

8개월 전

As a church we are on earth as the "Embassy of the Kingdom of Heaven"

SteemChurch is a Christian community willing to worship God, a little piece of heaven here on earth, and many people came to us and were transformed.

We are a place where we meet in his name, the name of Jesus Christ, and we speak the same language as Jesus.

The dream of SteemChurch is that you reach the love of God and that you can adapt to be part of the culture of Jesus Christ.

The beatitudes are coming this May 30. and we will have to prepare for his arrival.

SteemChurch telos will be the town that will receive the first beatitudes.

If you want to be one of the first to receive the HEART, you must do the following:

If you use SQRL, give 1 ACORN to church.jc. In the memo quote your favorite beatitude.
If you use a mobile wallet, give 0.1 TLOS to church.jc. In the memo quote your favorite beatitude.

Our Grace, Emilio Cabrera (@emiliocabrera; emilio.jc) and his lovely wife Lady Lorennys, will be stationed at SteemChurch Telos over the next few days - awaiting your gift. And over this period they will return to you a single supreme blessing. A single HEART.

Do you want to be part of the change?

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The Beatitudes are here! ❤


It’s a beatitude of love and unity, one love, one heart.

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Truly our #hearts are filled with love.

The Beatitudes are around, lets receive them here in @sc-telos