The Beatitudes will finally arrive this May 30.

9개월 전

The Beatitudes will arrive this May 30.

It's amazing that after so much time, they finally arrive.

At the time the first SteemChurch church was created, it was created simply to change the world, we are an online community based on blockchain that represents Family, Freedom and Faith.

And then he created the beatitudes to help many people with the seal of Christ in their lives.

The Beatitudes come to quench the thirst of many in need.

Telos prepares itself to welcome beatitudes.

The entire Executive of SteemChurch be dressed up to receive the beatitudes.

If you have not joined our community at SteemChurch-telos, take advantage of this weekend to talk with your loved ones to join our community.

All united will receive the beatitudes.

Do you want to talk with us? all the executive and the parishioners of this beautiful community we are in:
SteemChurch Community

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And the humble will benefit from it!

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