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The temtum (a combination of Temporal blockchain, tem and quantum randomness, tum) is a new cryptocurrency with the most technologically advanced and globally accepted blockchain coin (TEM).

This new innovation will set new standards in resource requirements, speed, security and scalability. The main reason for the creation of this cryptocurrency is that it will become the most popular cryptocurrency in the world that will be adopted into use for payment in different markets by people and consumers on every continent.

Temtum solves these problems

Scalability: The Temporal Blockchain eliminates the need to store the entire chain history on all nodes by locally archiving data, while preventing competition in node selection.
Speed: The speed of the temtum network is limited only by the hardware and bandwidth of network participants.
Resources: temtum’s Consensus Algorithm, constructed around leader nodes and our innovative Node Participation Document, removes the need for mining and wasteful, inefficient and restrictive Consensus mechanisms such as proof-of-work.
Security: Temporal is a quantum-secure blockchain network that uses a photon source for genuine random number generation alongside next-generation hashing algorithms.

Mobile POS payment system

The currency should hold consistent value across all territories and can be transferred internationally without cost.
For peer-to-peer payments (for instance, if users want to split a bill with a friend), it’s free and near instantaneous.
Transactions take just 12 seconds compared to hours-to-days with conventional bank accounts.


temtum is an efficient, quantum-secure, ultra-fast, non-resource intensive and environmentally friendly payment coin (using the acronym ‘TEM’), and an alternative to traditional fiat money (government-printed currency). It can be used on a standalone basis wallet-to-wallet, and can also be integrated into payment systems worldwide, serving as a payment platform for both consumers and businesses.
The integration of temtum into online gaming and e-commerce sites has been demonstrated through the development of demo platforms and plugins, which can enable fast implementation with partners as part of our intended roadmap.

A world-class team

Ginger Saltos, world-class cryptographer and temtum CTO, will lead the development team working closely with temtum founder and senior cryptography advisor Richard Dennis and CISO Dr Gareth Owenson. They are joined by CEO Dr Doug Meakin, Director David Shimmon and the best brains in cryptography and blockchain, alongside a senior team rich in banking infrastructure, commercial acumen and financial services experience.

Real World Applications

The original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, does have a use case and serves a recognized function as a non-fiat alternative currency that aims to provide an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof rather than trust, which means that any two parties can transact with one another without needing a trusted third-party. But the flaws inherent in the Bitcoin system mean that it has limited application as a medium of exchange.
We want to allow all users to fully participate in the temtum network regardless of the resources they are able to contribute. The temtum network has been designed from the ground up to run at full capacity on low-powered devices such as smartphones or IoT devices. The only prerequisite to network participation access to an active internet connection or an SMS connection.

Random numbers




The problems with current blockchain technology

Blockchain is still an emerging technology. It has already started to transform a wide range of industries around the world by providing a digitized, immutable and secure network for transacting, sharing and distributing data without a central authority. This provides a number of significant theoretical benefits when compared with existing technologies and methods, such as improved transparency, traceability and security, as well as increased efficiency and speed of transactions. Most importantly, financial transactions are no longer reliant on trust – they are cryptographically proven.

And yet blockchain networks that have already been deployed have suffered from a number of downsides and concerns that have meant that they have failed to deliver on their promise and are yet to see significant adoption. Chief among these downsides are : Speed

The Team

More Information :

Website : https://temtum.com/
Whitepaper : https://temtum.com/downloads/temtum-whitepaper.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/temtumcommunity
Twitter : https://twitter.com/wearetemtum
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/wearetemtum

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