High stakes for Tenet in the cinema industry.

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I have personal stakes in this, for sure; but, I think that Nolan pushing Tenet for mid-August instead to waiting it out is this right one. There have already been venues opening with social distancing and other requirements. Will Tenet be able to fill a 400 seat house to capacity with social distancing? No. Will it lose revenue? At least immediately. It will be hit biggest if it can't operate on locations like LA or New York.

But, the 15/70 showings were going to happen no matter what. If there's real confidence in this movie, which I assume there is, those of us who see it early will indicate to those who had to miss it for whatever reason that it's worth seeking out. It's conceivable that Tenet may have a follow-up IMAX run before the Oscars, which have already been pushed.

I'm not afraid to sit in one of those auditoriums. I'm even less afraid of sitting in the booth and running the shows.

If you are afraid, you can always stay home.

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