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China, the empire of the rice fields, future king of the world and second world power, intends to extend to the entire state its social credit system in the beta phase. Thanks to this ingenuity, citizens are labeled as good and bad, according to their obedience to the laws and their adhesion to the government. To be included in the group of "bad citizens", the state will restrict access to basic services such as air or rail transport.

But there are no reasons to worry. Such things happen in China, an authoritarian and pseudo-communist empire. In the democratic West, our tireless rulers keep our freedoms.

To this day, little light remains to be cast on Facebook. Zuckerberg's company has participated in massive data leaks, as demonstrated by the Cambrydge Analytica scandal. Even so, its users continue to use this app, showing narcissistic selfies and swallowing political opinions.

Our faces are in their database, our tastes are well known. If you wish, you can also know if you are more of a missionary or pizza with pineapple.

That is the result of the digital revolution: complete vigilance.

The crisis of 2008, has given life to a new phenomenon. Covered on the back of systemic corruption, and created thanks to the revolution of the networks, Bitcoin has been a revulsive for the corrupt monetary order. But the power, aware of the situation , has put the bankers on guard and, through the lure of modernity, has introduced the perfect Trojan horse to enslave the population.

Mobile payments

With the complicity of the big Nasdaq (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google), and some of the leading Chinese companies, banks and governments pretend to get used to pay via smartphone. One more step in the domestication of man, a triple annotated in favor of totalitarianism. The project, in the long term, aims at the abolition of cash, thus establishing a state of total transparency and all-round vigilance.

Your movements will be recorded and recorded. There will be no secrets for the government. The magnifying glass of power, will reflect its light on your shoulders to engulf you in flames.

However, whenever the evil takes the lead, a rebellion is launched. This is where the cryptocurrency comes in, and that, far from speculative furores, its use is key if we want to avoid slavery.

A nightmare glides over our skies, will we have the reflections to dodge it? Only time will tell.

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