Times Are Changing

2개월 전

The ATP Finals brought us a big surprise, no one can deny it. Even before the finals we knew this is not a usual tournament. The three favorites, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, that were expected to fight for the title were beaten and new players took over.


I posted about Stefanos Tsitsipas here three days ago after he beat Roger Federer, one of the favorites. Today he's the pride owner of the trophy as he won the tournament. It is a big thing for both him and his country as Greece has been missing from the tournament for half a century.

As I said before, I would love the famous trio to have a long career and win as many medals as possible but I'm also happy to see a new generation coming, new talents winning.

Not long ago Bianca Andreescu won the US Open beating Serena Williams. This victory made her the highest-ranked Canadian in the history of the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) rankings.

Bianca is 19, Stefanos is 21 and Dominic Thiem, the Austrian who was beaten by Stefanos Tsitsipas in the ATP finals is 26. It's a new generation that is going to take over pretty soon. These are names we should pay attention to from now on as we're going to see them frequently. This year is over but the next season is not far away and I bet it's going to be full of surprises.

The old guys better relax, recover and think about what they can change to do better. Injuries should be treated, some rest would be recommended and let's see who's capable of keeping up with the new kids.

Sorry, I forgot Selena Williams who also has some thinking to do reevaluate everything and try to do better if she want's to win and make history.

Maybe you're wondering who I'm supporting next year of who I am rooting for. My answer is I'm supporting everyone. Everyone deserves a chance and let the best win.

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