Played a tennis match today and I won by 3/1 Sets.

2개월 전

This was a great match that covered almost 4 hours. I am so exhausted after playing this tennis challenge. We first played best of 3 sets and I won by 2/1 Sets with scores 2/6 6/3 6/3. My opponent was not contented so he requested that we play another bonus set. I believe by saying that he wanted the scores to be a tie so that we push for another deciding set. His hopes were shuttered down as I also took that 4th set with scores 7/6. This has been a good day for me after securing this victory.

My level of fitness is improving and becoming much better than before. I am back to my roots. I used to beat up so many players back in the days. They now think I no longer have the guts of beating them up in tennis as I used to. I am disproving one by one by beating them up in this game.

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If that’s a clay court, you must be nadal.


Its indeed a clay court.
Long time @kevbot. Thanks for the comment on this post. Hehe..i am Still waiting for the day you will show up in Uganda for a tennis challenge.