Review Terra Credit - Credit Decentralized Payment Platform

2년 전

Credit has been designed as a digital payment platform, a decentralized solution to cash. Credit's most important function is as a medium of exchange to facilitate digital transactions. In order for Credit to be a medium of exchange, it must be a store of value. If Credit could not be stored over time and still remain valuable, it would not be adopted as a medium of exchange. Credit is stored in wallets and can be staked to support the network and earn new coins as a reward. This ensures that the storage of Credit generates tangible value to the holder over time. Within the Terra ecosystem Credit will function as a unit of account, providing a common measure of the value of goods and services being exchanged. This will enable both buyer and seller to make decisions about the value of the goods or services on offer. International payments are instant and have virtually no cost. The transparency of the Credit Blockchain ensures public accountability of all transactions as every coin can be traced to its creation.

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