RE: Christchurch Mosque Shooting by Brenton Tarrant

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Christchurch Mosque Shooting by Brenton Tarrant


sorry if i am hard to understand i am actually very pissed off about this as I joined steemit happy to see that adult content and social content were on the same access and without censorship. Seeing as they believe in protecting the feelings of people over the freedom of information i can see i dont share the same values of this apartheid joke steem.

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It's funny you should mention LiveLeak, I joined LiveLeak for the same reasons that I joined steemit in the modern-day just with a bit of a different attitude toward social Credit Systems in the modern day was what led me to the steem blockchain. I'm very excited to share this with a group of Internationals but in this mix of international is going to be extremists and we need to be aware, why not be aware censor free? Get the feelings rustled up and feel human?

this incident is a downturner for me as well. but i know some 5 digit accounts that highly favor free speech, so i am sticking around also because there is no real alternative. Even liveleak seems to be censored nowadays.