On terrorism, policy and the western world.

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Very sad about the terrorist attack in Nice, France. All my condolences to my french friends.

When I hear this kind of news, I wonder about what we can do as a western world country (I’m from Catalonia) and citizens to prevent this from happening. How can we stop this violence? It’s very hard to deal with it. People are willing to die for it.

My take.

First step: stop wars. Violence begets violence just as fire can't be extinguished with fire.

Second step: stop hypocrisy. If you preach peace, do not sell weapons. Do not finance violence. Do respect human rights. Do give shelter to refugees. Do not commerce with dictatorial countries who don’t respect human rights.

Third step: stop cultural/economical/racial discrimination. In your own country. In some western countries this is very subtle but it exists. Equal opportunities for everybody regardless of origin, gender, creed, race and socio-economics class.

Fourth step: reduce economical inequality. The economical policy should be focussed on this.

Fifth step: bring political decision power down to local levels. In Europe, change is happening at this “lower” level.


(Non-english speaker here so please suggest editions at will)

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First step: Love

Second Step: Love

Third Step: Love

Fourth Step: Love

Fifth Step: Deep and meaningful orgies

I joke..

The Western World has been in a perpetual state of war for 3000 years. The only way to fix that is to fix the system itself. We the people have to take back the reigns and create an equal world again.

I outlined a potential solution here that fixes inequality of Government: https://steemit.com/politics/@senseiteekay/globalization-through-decentralization-fixing-the-world


Education is key here.