Tesla Charge Droff off

2개월 전


Today is the last day of having the Tesla to gig work.. it has been really fun so much power and makes gig work even more enjoyable zooming in and out.

Dropping off order, I had people looking at me all confused they are getting McDonald’s dropped off with a dude with a Tesla….

That’s funny. Gives a sense of professionalism somewhat..


The charging part is cool, once you connect the cord it starts off and sounds a bit like a jet engine.

This is the model 3 long range so it seems to be the basic model with less features, I didn’t mind it since the take offs where always on point.

I was using it with gig work for 10-12 hours a day with max charge price at $38 .. charging it at certain times offers cheaper pricing per kW.


We have super chargers here max 250 kW I’ve hit that before. Of course the more teslas being charged the kW gets reduced so it’s best to come morning, mid day and after 10 PM. Anything other than that it becomes more expensive so from 18% to 62% it comes out to $10… keep in mind the care is full electric there is no battery and alternator so the car is of course reliant on the batteries it has so $10 is really really good.


This was also posted on Hive a couple of days ago.

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