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I am curious and thus am doing some experiments to determine how long it takes 15SP holders to regenerate RC's after the following transactions are made as a group.

  1. Post
  2. Post Edits
  3. Up votes
  5. comments edits

Abstract notes:

To provide the most accurate data, I will wait until @aconsciousness is at 100% VP, 100% RC before performing the operations in question. As proof that this was done I will post a screen shot of both steemd and SteemWorld before posting. For today's test I will go in the order I have the above transactions listed and provide a list of actions taken for test below.

  1. Load screen shot of steemworld and steemd.
  2. Log in the stats from steemworld
  3. Post.
  4. Log how many RC's posting cost from steemworld.
  5. Do an edit adding after post screen shot's of both steemd and steemworld.
  6. Up vote a post.
  7. Log cost of up vote in RC.
  8. Log how long it took for the account to regenerate both RC and VP.
  9. Show steemworld stats on RC and VP.


Just getting my pole in the water for those of you who comprehend, I am hoping to ascertain how long it takes for the account @aconsciousness to regenerate RC's and VP after performing the above actions with account SP at 15.2. I am hoping that with this information we can see if new informationwar writers need help and what kind of help if any.

Steemd provides a approximate RC use for comments, post and transfers. The numbers cannot be exact, because the cost is dependent upon length (how many charactors and spaces) to determine cost of storage.

The approximation provided by stemd is : 

Voting Manabar. Screen shot to right.

steemd screen shot test 2.>>>>>

max_mana 30,526,580,625 

current_mana 30,526,580,625



steemworld screen shot test 1.

steemd screen shot test 1

steemworld stats

STEEM Power 15.12 SP ( 143.62 - 128.50 )

Vote Amount $ 0.00 100%

VP ~> 100 % Now

RC Status 100.00 %|36,632,360,616 RC

Post log Cost in RC = 0

Edit Post Cost in RC = 0 (Edit was)

Comment Cost in RC = (comment was)?

Edit Comment Cost in RC = (edit comment was)?

Post Edit

After posting waited 15 minuets, but the Cost in RC's did not register on either steemworld or steemd. I speculate that the problem is with the account itself as when I delegated the extra SP to @commonlaw VP went down to 67%, which surprised me. I remember that this is a problem people where having before they patched HF20. Will try again, linking this post to tomorrows attempt.

Second Edit Post / Up date.

I posted from @aconsciousness. The post showed up in @commonlaw blog. Both accounts used RC's. .46 for @commonlaw and .76 from @aconsciousness. I was not ready for this. Will have to do test over.

Screen shots are mine. I am not responsible for if you think, how you think, what you think or do. You Are!. If you like my content consider a up vote and follow! Peace!

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Shocking test results. Darn have to do it all over again.

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