Celebrate Tezos one year anniversary with a FREE Ledger Nano S

2년 전

I have just received an email telling me I can claim a free Ledger Nano S!

Now I´m not one to fall for these kinds of emails, (you know the type, “I need your help to deposit 10 million dollars, can I use your account and give you 50%”) but after a quick check of the email sender and a little closer look at the content, it actually looked like a legitimate email from the Tezos Foundation. I then did a quick Google search and found out that it does indeed seem real.

I`ve added the email in full at the bottom of the post, so for anyone who may have changed email address since activating their allocation then this might be helpful to give you a heads up that you have a Ledger Nano S to collect :-)

This is a very nice gesture by the Tezos Foundation and will help boost moral for Tezo holders.
Good luck to anyone holding Tezos & a big thanks to the Tezos Foundation.
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The email I received in full:

To celebrate the monumental year the Tezos project has experienced since the betanet launch, the Tezos Foundation will give away Ledger Nano S hardware wallets to all fundraiser contributors who have activated recommended allocations.

As you’ve already activated a recommended allocation, you may follow these steps to claim a free Ledger Nano S:
Send a transaction of 0 XTZ (you can find instructions for the command line interface, Galleon wallet, and TezBox wallet in our blog post) to the smart contract at KT1BRudFZEXLYANgmZTka1xCDN5nWTMWY7SZ before 15 July 2019 at 23:59 UTC. Transactions must be sent from a Tezos public key hash corresponding to a valid donation to the Foundation’s fundraiser and are solely for the purpose of confirming eligibility for a free Ledger Nano S. We will never ask you to send funds to an account or contract. Please be aware of phishing attempts and take all available safety precautions.

This address is a smart contract that will record 0 XTZ transactions, as well as any other transaction that interact with it. Additionally, it will automatically return any XTZ that are sent to it, should more than 0 XTZ be sent by mistake. This process is meant to validate ownership of an activated account that contributed to the Foundation’s fundraiser.

Following the 15 July 2019 deadline, we will review all public key hashes that interact with the above smart contract. Next, we will send emails containing unique promo codes for 100% discounts on Ledger Nano S devices to the email addresses corresponding to these public key hashes, if there are any. These email addresses will be the ones submitted by contributors to complete the Foundation’s verification process at https://verification.tezos.com/. By interacting with the above mentioned smart contract, you authorize the Tezos Foundation to use an email address submitted to https://verification.tezos.com/ for the purpose of sending a promo code. The promo codes will also cover costs for regular shipping and some additional fees such as VAT and sales tax. These Ledger Nano S devices will be claimed directly from https://www.ledger.com/ using the promo codes that will be provided.
Check out some of the milestones the Tezos community has reached over the past year below, and make sure to share this information with anyone you know who contributed to the Foundation’s fundraiser so they may activate their recommended allocations and claim a free Ledger Nano S hardware wallet! If you run into any issues, please contact support@tezos.com for help.

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