Statement on illegal actions of Tezos Foundation

2년 전

I am pretty sure now we can forget about donations to any legal entity during Tezos fundraiser. This tokens will remain under control of people who fucked up our privacy, our decentralization values, our commitment for the good of the humanity.

It's time for us as a global community to ask our selves the fundamental question:

Can we resist this kind of attacks on our privacy and values or can not?

Minimizing consequences

First, to minimize consequences of an attack the following actions can be done by community members who reject legitimacy of Tezos Foundation's decisions:

  • Don't participate in current KYC validation process until correct chain will be launched by a community
  • Participate only in non-KYCed genesis block of fundraiser and only without Tezos Foundation
  • After launch of TF's chain verification can be done using any random identity in order to dump illegal tokens against legal. I offer 1 ETH bounty for the best way to pass validation without revealing true identity.

Revealing personalities

Second, we need to reveal persons, resposible for the attack. All official Tezos sites right now don't disclose Tezos foundation members, because this bastards value their privacy more than our. I was able to find some members in news outlets, but that is not a kind of info we can rely on. That is why I offer 1 ETH (plus 1000 correct tz after launch of non-kYCed chain) bounty for those who disclose proof of personalities and their Ethereum addresses behind Tezos Foundation. We will not try to sue (or whatever) this people in the future. We will put this proof into the blockchain destroying their reputation. We can reject to deal with them. I will. Their children will always remember what kind of bad things was done by them. This people made a KYC decision because of the fear of the authorities. This people should understand that now they must to choose between a fear of the authorities and a fear of the communities. Until this fears won't be balanced we do not have an option to resist this kind of attacks on our privacy and other values.

My hope for better future

I hope common sense will win over the fear of losing donated funds. This case is not only about the struggle to become rich, but about the future we will want to live in, rich or not.


  • This text was posted on Reddit, Steem and IPFS
  • Bounty for revealing docs on Tezos Foundation memebers on Gitcoin
  • Bounty for bypassing of TF validation process on Gitcoin
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For sure the post has been banned from r/tezos

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For good reason. You are advocating doxxing. Can't you think of a better way to do this?


Theres nothing there about doxing but recording of bad karma due to backwards decions. Do you have better idea? Don't you think it is shitty behavior requiring to put on risk thousands by the expense of thousands without putting on risk themselves?


Yes I do think it's bad behavior. I don't think that doxxing is ever appropriate. "Recording of bad karma" is purely euphemistic, it means doxxing, or can you correct me to what it actually means?

Seems fair to be asking to dox people requesting everyone to dox people who they took money from.

Where is the distribution? I say fork it!