Tezos Faucet Released: Free Tezos (XTZ) For Everyone!

28일 전

Tezos Foundation announced last week that they released a Tezos token faucet.

If you have a Tezos wallet, you just need to register your tz1 address at faucet.tezos.com

Your request will be added to their queue

This process will take some time (and the site gets busy).
But once it's processed They will send you Free Tezos (XTZ) to your wallet

You can get more token.
You just have to wait 12 hours for the next one, and then you will be able to register your address again.
It is a small amount but you can use it to start staking or convert it to other tokens.
You can test it or use it however you like.

This is reason why they made this tool.
Tezos Foundation wants everyone (developers and users) to try Tezos.

つい最近Tezos Foundationがテゾスの無料配布サービスツール、Tezos Faucetをリリースしました。
Tezos Foundationはテゾスの無料配布をすることで、トークンの認知度を高めより多くのユーザーベースを獲得することが狙いのようです。

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Need to test this soon. Been somehow away from news about Tezos.

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