ISO on photography from my idea.

4년 전

Hello everyone how are you today? I did not write a post on "Steemit" for several days. That's because I'm waiting for the "HF20 Update" on Steemit platform to finish. Now it should be okay. I miss everyone on this platform. And you?

Now we can write posts as usual. Let me start writing posts.

Last night I had the opportunity to music perform live at the Motorcycles party. It's a very joyful party. But I have no photos to show for everyone. Hahaha. Hmmmm..... In my habit, I like to take photos with beautiful girls than more. Hahaha.



Have someone question me about photography. Why do not I set high ISO while taking a photo at night? .... The higher the ISO, the darker it will be bright.

Hmmmm.... I think it's not always necessary. On this set of photos, I set this ISO to 200, speed shutter is 1/100, lens 135mm is manual focus and set aperture value is F 2.8. And do not use flash. Just lighting on the stage is enough. So I think It is not necessary to use flash.


For some photographers. No need to show everything in ours photos for everyone to see. I want to show something to a highlight. We may focus on it very bright. The rest does not need a brightness fine.


See this photos. I set the ISO 640, shutter speed 1/320, and aperture F2.8. Notice the black of the dress she put on. It does not look black. And the backdrop is so bright, that it's not what I want.

For me, the colors that are different from the truth sometimes make me feel guilty. It may be a feeling that I think to myself. Hahaha. But that's just my personal opinion. Which, each photographer has different techniques and ideas.

Okay, thanks for read and watching.


The girls photos for next post, on tomorrow. Bye-bye.

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Love that dress girl!!
Glad you're back.


Thank you so much, I'm so glad to be back to write the post again.

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Very beautyful ladies.


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