Macaques on the Prowl - Koh Chang Island, Thailand

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Macaques on the Prowl

Koh Chang Island, Thailand

Last November I had the pleasure of visiting the island of Koh Chang while in Thailand for @steemfest 4. It was definitely an epic experience. On my last morning on the island I woke up early for a cruise around on the scooter. I stopped on the side of the road when I saw a group of Macaque Monkeys.

I took this picture of a couple Macaques. The monkey in the foreground of the photo was eyeing my scooter. He eventually jumped aboard while I was parked. The one in the back was walking by. There were about 8 to 10 of them in this group. Macaques are very fun to watch, but you never know what they might do. It's best to hold on tight to your belongings!

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