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Hello everyone,
My name is Shubham, I am from Baramati town in Pune district In Maharashtra, India.

I have completed my graduation in Civil engineering(B Tech). (pass out year 2019)

I am Currently preparing for All India Services(UPSC). I am From Middle Class family.

                Till 10th class i was zero in study but i myself motivated myself after hearing the words of my school principal to my dad , that your son is incapable of clearing 10th examination. And started my real journey with seriousness  and scored 81% in 10th class with dedication and hard work. THEREAFTER I have been studying very well with hard work and completed my graduation with distinction . I realised that life is more about doing something better which everyone around me hesitated to  do . Struggle is inevitable every field at the initial phase and it is this struggle which  is the turning point of our life ,which makes or breaks us. (if we keep going ,it makes a new human being ,makes  our future and if we do  not then it breaks the aspiration and time just flows away ). 

             My real fight with  started when my mother left me. She set herself on fire(why so ,how come ,I will explain when time comes). And since then i am doing something different in my life so as to make her alive always and forever...


          Now the question is why blogging? 

Actually few days back, i was searching for part time job, i searched lots of websites and found some data entry works. They offered 3 thousands rupees after completion of one data entry work and with some security charges like deposit. I paid security 900 rupees, got work , completed the .work After hard work of 3 days when i had left eating .

what happened with me?

When i submitted project they didn’t give any response and eventually blocked me. They did fraud with me where i lost 1 thousand rupees.

What Next and What to do?

I heard about blogging and after searching i found it satisfying and i am starting this blogging. why i choose it , as here i will share my life moments where people do listen me, read me ,suggest me, know me and i have so much to share which perhaps will help people , students etc.

  So I will share information which is my own, i don’t know about result but hope to deliver what ever i gained about life . I will share Indian students life(, Rural students life , difficulties they are facing etc.

  I will share information about new places , works , nature , poems which might be important to some people or help in some area.

Thank you

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