Director Emcy Joseph and Vikrthi.

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It was clear from his first film that emcy joseph was a good director. Suraj also bagged the state award for best actor for the film now.Emcy Joseph has achieved a great deal with his first film. With the exact peak he made a film about a topic that should be discussed and considered a lot by the society. He presented the film in a way that touches the mind of any audience.
Vikruthi is based on an actual happening that taught a lesson or two for the social media users, not so long back. The story is basically focused on two people Eldho and Sameer, who are unknown to each other, who getting connected through an incident. The film clearly deals with the invasiveness of social media and the apathy of the prying eyes behind mobile cameras that snoop into the lives of others.
Emcy Joseph has worked in Dubai, has more than 100 ads to his credit as an ad filmmaker and helms the Peraka Media production house. He has also made notable short films, such as Petti and Neeyevide. However, 43-year-old Emcy Joseph had no experience in feature films per se, when he went to meet National Award winner Suraj Venjaramood and Soubin Shahir.
It's a great thing that the film has taken on a topic that is so popular in the community and it has been clearly stated. Despite being a well known event, the director approached the film in a very innovative way and brought it to the audience. In particular, the director has meticulously handled the character of Eldo and his surroundings. This award deserves such an effort.

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