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I wish the sky had never turned gray as you embrace the blue like the vastness of the sea. The way you engulf the atmosphere with your luminary sight is no less than the beauty of the gloomy moon. You caress the soft grass as if it is the epitome of your beauty amidst of all chaos and ceaseless storms.

You suffer from anxiety but hide it among the solemn promise you made to your parents. The pain burns you to your lungs but still smile in disguise.
What are you? Are you a human being trying to find your way in this constrained world or an angel sent from above to spread the teaching of beauty and love?
Your silence seems like an empty void without no habitation since centuries even if you want to shout at the top of your lungs. Is it the world that keeps you awake or the sleepless dreams that you see for yourself? What makes you refrain from smiling?
You sneak out to the hole of your window and gaze at the rust greens.
You want to explore every soil that covers the earth but still sit idle pretending to be unknown to self-satisfaction.
You realize that the moon shined that night yet you worshipped the dark room?
Is light less important than darkness? Is the force of the world so heavy frim your dreams?
A girl with eyes of glory and head full of imagination. But why do you keep silent when the world is so much to see?
Don't you want to visualize the art of the poets' feelings and feel the song run in the air?
Is the society more significant than exploring yourself? Sneak inside you and reach the light from the corner of your heart. Yes, you're there. You're riding the sun to tomorrow.

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I am shining as the Sun everyone can see thanks