One year on Steem: A data recap and a big "Thank you @utopian-io"!


My Steem account was created on August 5th 2017. I think I came here via reddit links to crypto currency related topics. Trying out various things from bitcointalk, a different username everywhere. If I knew that Steem works that well for me (and that the user name cannot be changed), I would have probably chosen a more thoughtful user name...

Getting started with Steem

Getting started with Steem wasn't straight forward. Actually, I had no idea what I was doing at the beginning. During the first attempts to vote, I was draining my VP close to 20% with a completely wrong understanding of how the voting system and curation works... ;) This was followed by an "it can't be that hard" attitude, trying to understand how things work, and I think I managed quite OK...


This graph shows my voting power over time. You can see my VP being drained to almost 20% in early September with dozens of worthless votes and absolutely no understanding on how curation works :) After that I managed to stay somewhere between 80 and 100%, with only very little time where my SP was idle.


Utopian was started in October 2017. Seeing a couple of people I followed using the #utopian-io tag shortly after the platform was launched, I gave it a try as well. The analysis section was a pretty good fit for me, because I could continue with the blockchain data topics with a chance for a decent @utopian-io vote. I think I was among the first contributors in the analysis section. I was invited to join the moderator team in December 2018 and I'm reviewing analysis contributions since then. I tried to stick to analysis topics with my main account, together with a few python related development posts.

After one year, Utopian is making up almost 82% of all vote rshares I ever received. I am very grateful for that, because without Utopian, I would not be in the position I am today.
Thank you @utopian-io, thank you @elear, the vast majority of my SP today is coming from you!


This graphs shows the monthly number of rshares my posts and comments have received, as well as the fraction of those coming from @utopian-io.


  • Blockchain analysis: I can't really remember how I came to the blockchain analysis topics, but accessing data and visualizing things that aren't immediately visible from the steemit interface fascinated me. @paulag found one of my posts back then and left a generous vote. She was running blockchain analysis contests and introduced me to the #bisteemit community ( #blockchainbi now) with a number of awesome analysts! Well, it caught me. I'm not posting regularly, but try to come up with new aspects every now and then. Being a Utopian analysis mod is a great way to keep up with what others are doing in this field. However, it still feels strange sometimes having to score the posts of fellow analysts.
  • Python + Steem: I'm a big fan of python. Tinkering with steem-python was unavoidable, but not very satisfying. Bugs, limitations and super slow development cycles make this very frustrating. Nevertheless, it mostly worked, and a there's a great community around it. Then there was beem, @holger80's Steem library for python. This project is incredible! Holger quickly addressed and fixed the main problems with steem-python and is providing a stable tool that exceeds the functionality of steem-python by far, with a super fast development, bug-fixing and release cycle. I'm happy to be able to contribute some pieces or fixes there, again with great support from Utopian. In the meantime, all my previous steem-python snippets were ported to beem now and most of my posts contain at least some data queried with beem (including this one).
  • Curation: the Steem curation system fascinated me from the beginning. @abh12345's curation league was a motivation to dig deeper into this topic. Well, and with the python background, I have to admit,I finally became a bot operator as well. I started @curx in December 2017 and it works pretty OK. While certainly focused on getting curation returns, I still try to keep it somehow ethical, not front-running bid-bots on shit posts, late self-voters or known jerk circles. I had little time for this in the last few months and got a lot of competitors in that field, so there is certainly room for improvement.
  • Fighting abuse: digging in Steem blockchain data inevitably also shows the dark sides. I'm reporting abuse to @steemcleaners and started to use parts of my own VP to flag. Check out @steemflagrewards, a great project to even get rewarded for using your VP to flag!

Account growth and interactions


This graph shows my SP evolution over time. I started with a steemit delegation of ~30 SP and also rented a small SP delegation (75 SP) at the beginning. Not sure if it was "worth" it, but having a vote that was worth at least $0.01 felt good. The actual growth started in November 2017. In December I delegated some of my SP to @curx and increased this a few times since then. I'm currently also delegating to @actifit, @steemflagrewards and @trufflepig.


This graph shows the monthly stats on the number of comments I made, the number of replies I received, as well as the number of distinct authors I voted on and replied to. Seems like I was quite passive in December 2017 and the last few months weren't my strongest either. Overall, the number of authors I'm interacting with seems pretty stable, I guess I could do better there. The number of distinct authors voted on is slightly biased by the fact that I had my main account trailing @curx for a couple of days in May. Seeing the July numbers, I certainly could improve on that field as well...

In total, I flagged 44 distinct authors (mostly for plagiarism) and got flagged by 22 (mostly SDL).

I did my first witness vote on Nov 20th 2017, around 3.5 months after my account was created. At the moment I'm still far off the 30 votes I could give out. I'm currently voting for a couple of witnesses I believe they care about Steem and/or run Steem projects I actively use or support.


  • 3x 100% upvote from @utopian-io in the early days (worth around $5 at that time, iirc..)
  • got flagged by @steemcleaners once (by accident, my fault)
  • self-vote free since end of March 2018
  • bid-bot free since end of June 2018
  • no power-down, no cashout so far
  • 1x @steemstem + @curie vote

Thank's to all of you for great interactions, awesome projects and all the efforts to make Steem much more than just maximizing post rewards!

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Happy anniversary!

Thank you for your great help in improving beem. You found several bugs and committed very useful improvements for beem.

Do you have a gist where I can find your newly created plots :) ?


Thanks, @holger80! You're doing a great job on beem! Which plots do you mean exactly? Two of them are directly created with beem code already :) The scripts are currently not on GH and are actually pretty messy, but could be cleaned up...

While we did not really spend a lot of time together, I had a very pleasant time when we did. Why don't you participate in @holger80's curation league though with your @curx account? And another thing regarding curation rewards. If you actually hunt the curation rewards of some late self voters or something similar (circle jerks etc.) and you get a better performance than 100% (using the performance naming for this out of this tool) you actually take some money away from them, since you get some part of the curation rewards that would've went right back to the circle jerk members/self voters. That's essentially what @mys does, besides just getting a bug chunk of curation rewards on non abuse posts. Just look at his curation rewards, they're insane xD


Thanks, @flugschwein, the pleasure is all mine! :)
I couldn't spend much time on curx lately, so I didn't even try it with Holger's league. It's actually a valid argument about taking rewards from abusers and this definitely works. Still I'd prefer if this voting wouldn't be there in the first place. Profiting from them feels wrong, even if it lowers their rewards. Call me idealist or naive on that, haha :)

  ·  작년

@curx has far better results than me :P Like 2x even without tricking steem abusers.


I didn't know that....
Would be even funnier if he entered the curation league, since you need to not be the first place for one time as well :P


So, you guys are planning to push me to number 4 on holger80's curation league? 😂

Happy anniversary! :)

You are doing a great service to the community. I loved the analyses you have put out and some explanations you have posted.

If I knew that Steem works that well for me (and that the user name cannot be changed), I would have probably chosen a more thoughtful user name...

I have seen many regret it, Including Asher. :P


Thanks @reazuliqbal, great to hear it's appreciated! About the user name: yeah, I've seen many as well. But hey, it could be worse :P

Congratulations on completing your first year on the Steem blockchain @crokkon :D

I owe you a big thank you for your input and support with regards to curation, the darker side of Steem, and for your help relating to all matters @utopian-io - and I should also be thanking utopian for the support they have given me this past year too!

As well as modding for the above, you also produce some of the most interesting analysis work, I'm glad to have you contributing here, and also appreciate the amount of discord conversation we've had.

And finally, a big thank you from zappy to curx :)


Thanks, @abh12345! I always enjoy the on- and off-chain conversations with you! :)

happy anniversary, from me and actifit ! :)

  ·  작년

how cool, happy adversary @crokkon.

interesting that you put Rshares as part of this, as I was only looking at this the last few days.

I am really really impressed with your achievements to date.
"self-vote free since end of March 2018" I too have been doing this as it sets an example. However personally I don't think really small accounts should follow suit, as long as self voting is within reason and accounts are accumulating. What are your thoughts on it?

Anyway congratulations, I know how hard you work here on steemit :-)


Thanks a lot, @paulag!

I used rshares here because it is a metric that represents the amount of VESTs/SP used for the votes and is completely independent of the Steem price or other dynamic aspects of the Steem payout system.

There are different opinions on the self votes, and I respect others. Everybody can use his stake as he/she wants. I personally think that especially small accounts (e.g. vote value below dust limit) don't really have a gain from self voting. Only 10 votes per day can be given out and leaving a meaningful comment on another post has a good chance to get more rewards than what would come around with several self votes. For more "established" authors, one can ask if a self-vote really makes a difference in the post payout.

Happy anniversary. I just got my 6 months in yesterday. Of course, my post on it the other day didn't have all the fancy charts yours has, lol. You bring a lot to the chain with your programming know how, and will be curious to read your posts down the road as you help strengthen and grow the chain.

Happy anniversary! You've done very well in a year I must say.

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