Change in Account Ownership

5년 전

This post is intended to serve as a record that the ownership of this account has changed. This account was previously registered and maintained by @ackza. At the time of writing, there is a wait-list for registering new accounts on Steemit. Hence, @ackza generously offered to hand over the account to anyone in the wait-list.

More details about this can be found here.

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Yes I can confirm! I wanted to give this second account away to someone who didnt have a steemit account yet as there is now a waiting list! And I am very happy to see someone take ownership of it change the password, and begin to make money! I am proud that you he has turned the $2 it came with when i gave it to him, to now having over $9! (Anyone can see anyone elses walllet here n steemit if you didnt already know!)

And dude your account as gone from $2 when I gave it to you, to now having over $9! Good job man! And keep posting! If I were you I would take advantage of your very relevant name and start posting like articles that contain all of the top crypto currency stores of the day! Like every night make a post showing all the biggest news in crypto! You could make a daily article like "Today in Crypto News! Latest Updates!' And you can

For Example, if you just google news search for "Bitcoin News" you will get a list of stories on bitcoin for today! Like this!

You can simply take screenshots like this, and then go over each news story! Keep teh copy and pasting to a minimum and just do a post like this everyday recapping the days crypto news stories and you will easily begin to attract followers and many peopelo wil depend on you for a recap of the days crypto news updates ! Hence the name!