Curation for Earth-Centered Content @the-hearth | Week 2

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Happy Sunday and welcome to Week 2 of Curation @the-hearth!


Take a seat, grab a cup of tea and warm yourself by the hearth while we give you the lowdown on some of the best earth-centered posts on Steemit over the past week!

Friday evening we had the great opportunity to be featured on @pennsif's MSP Waves Show where he features homesteaders, homeschooling parents, alternative living, etc. We had a lot of fun, as always, Ini played his flute which charmed the audience to go vote for our delicious dessert here. We'd still appreciate your vote- the contest ends Tuesday!

If you missed the show, you can still listen here.
Thanks again @pennsif!

There have been so many wonderful earth-centered posts this week on Steemit.

If you're new to our mission, we curate high quality original posts with lots of photos and text from Steemian's lived experience, practical know how and inspiring ideas or experiences. For your post to be considered it needs to be longish in length, have many pictures (always cite if they aren't original), and be empowering or educating in some way.

This week we're also going to feature 2 new Steemians that I met this week who are great additions to the #homesteading and other earth-centered realms. Each week I'll be featuring any great newbies to the ranks, so please alert me by tagging @the-hearth in the comments if you come across any.

  • @talltuk currently hails from Northern Spain, though he has recently immigrated there with his family due to Brexit. He has plans to build a rocket stove and share much more interesting content on homesteading and the unique facets of life in the Spanish countryside as they make home there. Please visit his page and welcome him.

You can find his intro post here.

  • @medicinewheel is a wanderer, gatherer and adventurer hailing from Missouri, USA. Stay tuned below as we share one of his posts on how to harvest and use sassafras root. Please visit his page and welcome him.

You can find his intro post here


Lettuce begin with the high quality curated content @the-hearth!

  • @soulturtle provided an excellent tutorial with the basics of turning leaves into rich garden compost. We always appreciate his high quality images and information-rich posts. Leaves are something that are an abundant material in so many places and are accessible to many. Learn how to make compost with them:


How to Make Compost from Leaves.


  • @walkerland shares a post with us this week that is so applicable to many who live in colder climates who want to establish perennial agriculture! For those who live in colder weather climates (and even those who don't) who want to establish perennial agriculture on their land, it can be a challenge to find plants that are up to the challenge. She has shared a great list of some go-tos for colder climates:


Cold Hardy Perennial Food Shrubs & Trees: What I'm Excited About Planting This Spring!


  • In that same vein, @canadianrenegade has shared an extensive plant profile of the cold hardy and very versatile Sea Buckthorn. We want to make perennial agriculture accessible to as many people as possible and feel Sea Buckthorn can be on so many people's lists around the world! They've shared many wonderful details about this awesome plant, as well as how to grow and utilize it:


Cold Climate Permaculture Plants: Sea Buckthorn.


  • @ameliabartlett is up next. She shared a wonderfully detailed and beautiful post on making her own dream tea. Sleep and relaxation can be a difficult thing for so many and herbalism is people's medicine. These two factors make her post one that we want to share far and wide.


Dreamweaver Tea Recipe | The Hobby Herbalist.


  • @quochuy presents us with a fantastic tutorial with easy step by step instructions on how to make a compost tea aeration system. Like utilizing leaves to make compost to feed your garden soil, using aerated compost is an important way to amend and nourish your soil. An aerated tea is the next step and in a world where depleted soils are a problem on a huge scale and small steps like this make a huge difference!


How to build an aerated compost tea brewer with a 20L bucket.


  • Next up is a fantastic post from @medicinewheel, who is new to Steemit as we mentioned above. His post on harvesting, drying and using sassafras root is the real deal from someone who knows what they're talking about. @the-hearth, we love to find posts like this that come from true experience and are full of detail. High quality plant profiles, especially from lived experience are always welcome!


Winter foraging for springtime Sassafras tea!


  • Last, but certainly not least we have a fantastic post by @sashagenji. I always appreciate learning about cultures from all over the world, especially ones that are still in some ways connected to the earth. Join her as she takes you on a thoughtful journey through the Russian spring transition festivities called Maslenitsa. Hint: It is also known as Butter or Crepe Week, need I say more?!


New beginning: Ice Fortress Fight and jumping above the fire to celebrate spring arrival as well as new life path.


Wow! What an incredible sampling of high quality earth-centered posts on Steemit!!!

Just going through them all this morning and sharing them with you has invigorated my day and I hope you have learned something or been encouraged to think in a different way.


Remember, you can tag @the-hearth if you come across an original and high-quality post during the week. Thanks to @ginabot, we will know!

Thank you so much for spending some time with us. Please feel free to resteem, upvote and nominate people!

@the-hearth is @mountainjewel's love offering to Steemit, the earth and our fellow humans. This homesteading duo's life mission is to enliven and raise consciousness around earth-centered living and being stewards of the earth. We really appreciate your support.
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An honor to be featured alongside such talented people of the earth. So many wonderful posts that I look forward​ to reading!


<3 thank you again for your fantastic herbal post :)

Thank you again for featuring me. Its a real boost. More posts to come!


you are so welcome @talltuk. excited to see as you settle into steemit was awesomeness ensues :) <3 take care

Thank you for featuring my post and for doing such agreat curation work


you are so welcome! you have a knack for making great posts- loved your one on okra today.

I loved reading every post that you shared, I'll be looking forward to @the-hearth curation posts! I found some new blogs I hadn't yet discovered and thank you so much for featuring walkerland.


love it! thank you so much @walkerland. this comment made our day. so happy you read them and enjoyed. best to you.

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congrats! so happy for your initiative and to know you now! thank you <3 !!! support the tree planters!

Thank you for the feature, and also congrats on starting a curation account! I've always been a fan of your work and now you're giving back to the community and uniting all of us. There' some great content here and I think it's amazing you find the time to lift other people up while doing the usual grind. Keep being awesome :)


you are welcome @soulturtle! ahh thank you, we're a fan of yours as well. and doesn't giving back feel good! as well, hopefully this will help us all thrive more! <3 thanks so much for your encouraging and kind words! best to you!

Thanks for the feature. Looks like a lot of great stuff getting compiled here!


you're welcome @canadianrenegade- we love your post! yes, we're in good company :D

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Congrats on being featured here @medicinewheel. :)