A dollar a day - Steem Investor Culture - The Plan - My Plan!

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"If they sell Apple short, BUY!" - Steve Jobs demanded from his investors. The idea is that we all are owners of the STEEM blockchain, STEEM is our common company and we should all support our common company and encourage others to do the same thing.

I will put a dollar in the BUY-BOOK on https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-STEEM every single day for every account I own on the STEEM blockchain. In fact, I have already put in for a full year.

I realized that if you and all the other owners of the 913 000 accounts on this blockchain did the same thing as me, we would grow our order book with almost a million dollars every day.

And since we are growing so fast in numbers and popularity - we would have 365 million dollars in the order book before the year ends, just "fuck you"-money. Basically Bitcoins, Ethereum just sitting there while growing in amounts and values.

This is not an invitation to new people who have no account or for n00bs thinking about getting rich quick, some of us will fill the gap for those assholes, this is about us that have a STEEM account protecting our network with our own money every single day, as real investors, grown up, smart money people is what I want us all to become.

With 10 million accounts that would be a buy order book of 3.6 Billion dollars + all the other millions of dollars in 2 years when you all do the same thing as me, that would put us in the Guinnes Book of Records for being the most supported asset in all the free market, maybe except for Apple but I hear their culture is breaking apart so maybe we should just focus on how we can make STEEM an ever-bullish token by adopting known principals that Warren Buffet and others have proven works great, Even if some of us hate one another for some stupid reason that was said or done years ago, we have one thing in common

We all want to become RICH, Boys - We all want to become RICH, Girls


  • Make sure you have enough STEEMPOWER that you are comfortable with first. If you look at my wallet you can see that I am a whale with VESTED interest in this Blockchain, and I am comfortable with my amount, I do not want to expand it or reduce it, I feel comfortable about the amount and you need to feel comfortable with your amount, so do what your wallet allows you to do, if my wallet is too big for you, then understand that I bought in at 7 cents or something and I have already made a lot of money, do not be jealous - my intention is to make YOU rich too, we are both owners of STEEM, so my Brother - and yes, My Sister Trust in this strategy, it shall not fail us.

  • Put a new dollar worth of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency in the BUY-book where you usually buy STEEM for each account you own.

  • Repeat the step above, every single day of your life.

  • Become Smart-Money Rich over the next 10 years, stay humble - know where you are coming from, behave yourself when the price gets crazy high sometimes, that is just the free market pumping and dumping, we are not part of that, we are the serious long-term holders who will live in castles and buy islands while those fuckers will only be able to maybe buy one Lambo... used... at an auction... once. You understand? Yes, you do - And Yes You Can and will be RICH, just like me - the smart way.

  • That is it!

This strategy will create the biggest buy-wall in the world over time when you all adopt my practice, it will be newsworthy and it will constantly put more and more buy pressure on STEEM as time goes on, making STEEM "ever-bullish" like the S&P500 index, STEEM will truly be the SOCIAL INDEX.

One Last Thing!

Start hanging with people who are richer than yourself. Because people who are richer then you are, know how it is to be rich, they know how they got rich, they are more equipped to not fall for bullshit, and you can learn a lot from people who are richer then you by hanging out with them and speak with them directly whenever you want. Luckily for all of us I started a place, 2 years ago called http://STEEMspeak.com and what we do in there is to speak with people about STEEM, I spend 17 hours a day in there hanging with people who are both RICHER then me, and with people who are poorer than me, and we just talk about everything, casual, uncensored, like a proper trading pit on Chicago Mercantile Exchange. We are over 5000 members there now, and about to close the door for people who have less than 250 STEEMPOWER in their accounts from texting and speaking because speaking to non-investors is just so damn boring for all of us.

I often say things to shake peoples realities, I am a dictionary critic, free speech activist and a practician of both, I hate no human beings, I love no human beings I expect everyone is my enemy until they have proven themselves otherwise. I have never voted in any political election in my life, I do not care about who is who in politics as they are not the powerful, the people like you will become are the real power behind politics and when you get rich enough in the future you will understand how easy it is to get things done when you can just pay your way through things and move to wherever you want in the world and do everything you ever wanted and set some new goals for yourself as you naturally will start to think bigger.


Bookmark This post or make it your default START-PAGE so you do not forget to do the todo list!

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Thanks for this wonderful piece @fyrstikken
I've read your "TO-Do list" carefully and I sure have gained alot which will help me achieve greatly on the steem blockchain


Congratulations, @mrrpiusz, @fyrstikken says he is pleased with your comment and has instructed me to reward you with an 18% upvote to show you that he really cares about real opinions and response. Engaged people like yourself is valuable, and sometimes you get lucky!


Thank You so much @fyrstikken, @booster for this great reward. This great gesture will forever remain in my heart. I am truly grateful


You are welcome @mrrpiusz, here is another hug from @fyrstikken as well, now you have been rewarded for at least 20 days of the todo list, don't you feel richer and happier already? Just wait until STEEM stands at $200,000 per token when the whole online world use it.

You just got like... $4 million future dollars worth of STEEM if we succeed like Berkshire Hathaway.

We are the young ones who will have to take over for the old folks, and this blockchain will play a big part of all our futures. You will see, stay optimistic and have fun with it until it all becomes a reality for all.


We are the young ones who will have to take over for the old folks, and this blockchain will play a big part of all our futures. You will see, stay optimistic and have fun with it until it all becomes a reality for all.

I Concur to that!! Thanks once again Sir.


Yeah, doubt they're coming back for another upvote huh.



@We need to ALL start our own Uber Eats Clones or kiosks at the mall or just restaurants and cofeee shops that sell food and coiffee for Bitcoin steem and crypto!

Steem is up 44%!


Haha! That's like hitting a lottery twice in a row @mrrpiusz! :p
Edit: This is an interesting approach and a motivating post @fyrstikken! I had a similar idea in mind that is to Cash out 25% SBD and keep buying chunks of Steem with remaining 75% of the SBD earned every month. I've been Powering up since the beginning and have high hopes on Steem!
As for your last tip, I Tried joining SteemSpeak Discord but it's crashing every time I accept your invite. Will try again after a while.


Waw @booster
thats really good to reward such kind of steemit activist.


Thats what I like to see!


It is so true and i have been saying this for a while. One dollar a day and patience....10 years from now it will pay off. If you are not a millionaire 10 years from now it is your own fault not being pro-crypto


So $1 a day for 10 years is £3650...


I mean if we want to do some math here...in 5 years you will have 1825, with a 5700% increase over the next 5 years (and don't say it can't happen because ETH did it in 1 year) you turn out with over 100K.


I want to become rich to , can you help me become rich

I appreciate your positive thinking & I am glad to see you sincerely with Steemit but my friend #Steemit will better and grow when we will support each other and we all will support Steemit because #Steemit success is our Success for that we have to make some positive efforts but Question is that those peoples which have not money to investment so what should they do for Steemit would you like to tell me please because there are huge population of this category but they are hard working.


Question is that those peoples which have not money to investment so what should they do for Steemit would you like to tell me please because there are huge population of this category but they are hard working.

@fyrstikken told me to upvote your comment with 100% with the following message: There is nothing wrong with working hard, but if your current strategy is not working optimal for you, change it quickly to another strategy. There are times in life when a man must either give up on a dream or take a big risk which means to eat cheap noodles and spaghetty for dinner for a while. Yes, it is slow to get in, when you are poor - but find a way to get in and you will get in while the getting in is good, and if you only can entertain, Write 4 jokes and perform them standing up in front of a webcam and title it "my biggest fail ever" and grab peoples attention for low expectation and surprise them with 4 funny short stories you made. I can watch them on my smart tv in bed and upvote you via my remote control if you make me laugh, but first you must grab my attention. Remember, this is the attention economy. It is like Hollywood Economy but larger. I was once so poor that when I missed the last bus home, I could not take a taxi or go to a cheap hotel, I slept in a shipping container at the dock in freezing temperature, I know how it is to start from nothing but a voice and waving arms.


@speedvoter thanks for these sweet words and encouraging me I think me should change my strategy as you have told me but I have solid believe in myself I will not give up & OK am not in those which think give up is better to hard work there were many guys not only guys my friends they joined Steemit and left Steemit due to lack of Upvotes.


@ajmalaftab how about having a monthly/weekly budget (whenever they get paid) for buying Steem?
It's easier said than done, that's where discipline comes in.

I don't have a big paycheck either but I still buy Steem whenever I can and powering it up.
It's playing the long game!!!


You are right my friend @micscrypt but question is this what should do those peoples who joined Steemit to fulfill their foods requirements


@ajmalaftab I don't know, work harder on the platform, they don't have to buy Steem they can earn it too through curation etc.


High-Quality content and patience. Everyone says the same but 99.9999999% of people forget the patience or think patience = 3 weeks.
I'm still new here myself but I can see what needs to be done. If you consistently post good content (every 1 or 2 days) that people enjoy within 6 - 12 months you will be golden. I can't see how this strategy can fail.
We all have an equal opportunity just from the contribution aspect regardless of where you live in the world.

Spend time with the rich and learn. Thanks for the advice.


Taking an advice, thanking for it - Booster calculates 7% upvote for you. @vanessahampton may you become insanely rich over time!


Thank you again. But the advice was for me. Following you closely.

Crowd sourcing the trending page, rather than selling it to the highest bidder, might help keep the people we are bringing in.
Bots that burned their fees would put up pressure on the price, too.
~850,000 people have come here and rejected our offer of a game, perhaps better rules would help?
We keep ~7% of folks that get past the difficulty of signing up, the 93% are not saying good things about us, and certainly are not putting upward pressure on the price.

Luckily i got 2k sp before the dont vote lists and overt 'peer' pressure cut that trickle to near zero.
So, i would like to see steem moon, too!


@freebornangel, Do not forget that bid-bot owners often re-invest large in STEEM to expand in their businesses. I know, because I am a bid-bot, and my owners make me stronger. In fact, I was instructed by @fyrstikken to give you a 100% upvote for taking your time to write this comment. He also says that the bot-owner community listens to the users and will make changes and adjust concepts along the way.

There is never a good reason to be too greedy or too naive, so a re-balancing of things are on the agenda.

We are forming our culture as we speak!


While i am grateful for the vote that will multiply what my payout would have been for the week at least by a factor of two, i remember what curation rewards were before delegation and bidbots sucked them all up.

Were the bidbots to burn the money sent to them they would then benefit more than just their owners.
Doing that would benefit everybody holding steem!
The bidbot's owner would then be confirmed in his true love for the ecosystem having put the whole ahead of himself.
I would delegate to such a bot for my own self-interests.

I stopped voting for your owner's witness over his support of delegation and linear rewards.
That decision of his made reward pool rape a household name.
Does he still support that choice, or would he like to see 'good' content curated to the trending page rather than crap posts by folks willing to buy a trending placement?

Also does this reformation of the culture include supporting dissent and 'good' shit posting?
I was sold on this place as a free speech zone, open to all, but the first thing those with control did was lock me out of @curie as undesirable.
(I wont go into the peer pressure applied to folks that were supporting me, at this point.)
Then with delegated curation in place, they began taking from the value of what support i did get with their advantage in the math.
Remember, when a whale votes all other votes are decreased in value.
Its just a fact of the math.
Ergo, every time a votebot votes everybody else loses money.
This transfers wealth away from anybody that doesnt buy their rewards, you know, real people and not scammers.
When will the bot owners own their part of how that fact drives newbs away from steem and earns us a shitcoin reputation?



Whats the matter, jonny, getting your privelege put in check trigger an emotional response or what?


You aren't checking shit.
I vote less than 5% for myself

I share my "privilege" with the community...always have
You should do some research before you decide to police this platform.
You can straight up fuck off, or I can be a thorn in your side...your call.
I'm your huckleberry


Then what was the idea of selfvoting that comment?

I mean, if there was a long list of comments you were trying to get above i could get that, but that wasnt the case, my vote would have moved it up to the top.

But that still doesnt explain the retaliatory flags and threats of more if i want them.
Disagreements on rewards is a legitimate reason to flag, unvoting a post and then downvoting that same post, and more, after my disagreement strikes me as retaliatory, and emotionally motivated.

I agree that you are not a serial downvoter, im gonna pull my flag.


Fair enough, I'll do the same.
I'm not going to go into full detail on why I upped the comment, or why I retaliated on you.
We shouldn't have to explain our actions.
As of now we're both good, let's just move on.


Delegation and bidbots did not "suck up[" all the curation, that ius just not true at all. Dplease donty confuse your own experience with the whole of steem. I bet you were just using steem more and actually upvoting more stuff back then, thats all

You should just use steem more! You've been here since August 2016 You should have a lot more steempower baby now in 2 whole years :D Just post more!

May I suggest @steepshot app and also using Dlive to make live streams with OBS studio software its easy, you should just become a local steemian rtep in your area, theres lots of delegationa nd upvotes for people who bring TALENT to stee,m not just their friends with "talent" but real talent from youtube instagram reddit where all ythe real internet is

I think you must remember bid bots are just a fact of life its just what happens when people learn to use steem and sell their vote! You cants top it! Steem is more complicated than just some place for authors and curators its also for investors! And steembottracker.com has shown what this new decentralized steem powered advertising system looks like! This is just the will of the majority of steempower holders so we have no choice but to accept it or fork into our own version of steem which isn't going to happen sop we must accept the way steem is, no going back. If you like no delegation and quadratic rewards you can try Golos, that's just what they are and look at them, its almopst dead :D it will come back but yeah its sad, we needed delegation and bid bots they kept steem ALIVE, not the other way aaround!

I just sense a lot of minnows think they woulda made more money somehow without bid bots but its just not true! they are the ones holding this place up!


Damnit, ackza, i had a good comment made for you, but it looks like i didnt post it.
When i get back to a keyboard i will try to replicate it.

Damn! You've bought Steem at 7 cents.
That is making me jealous;). Haha.
It's a great initiative.
I have a few ripples.
I ready to put a dollar worth of it in the buy book.
I backing this.
Let's all get rich


@backpackingmong, @fyrstikken told me to upvote your comment with 100%, his message was: "Here bro, have some steem and may it inspire you to aquire more of them, much much more."


HI, @speedvoter, today, is it close to vote-bid business?
I appreciate your vote-bid every day. as I know, Maybe you can start bid-voting after 9 hours later. am i right?


hmm, why 9 hours? don't you want your posts up and running in the lists from the getgo if your own steempower is not sufficient enough to be seen by most people?


Haha. So kind of him.
Tell him i am grateful
I am definitely inspired to invest more on best buy more in the buy book!

This is a truly great idea! I hope people listen. I just bought some Steem earlier today for the first time! Your Steem Speak is a very wonderful group, people will learn a lot! :-)


@clove71, @fyrstikken told me to upvote your comment and tell you: Keep doing it like a habit and you will have 1000 problems, but money won't be one of them :)

Hei @fyrstikken.
Tar gjerne rådet ditt om å kjøpe for 1 dollar om dagen, Men har ikke funnet noen børs som gjør dette på en lett måte å kjøpe i norske kroner eller via norsk visa kort. Jeg har brukt bitcoinnorway som kjøps side, men her er det mye stress for å kjøpe hver dag. Har du noe tips til en børs som gjør dette lett?

Truly inspirational @fyrstikken 👍

Let's see who can follow up on this. I'm in and will place a buy order for 1 USD worth of Steem for the latest buy price every day on the Bitshares market.


@sc-steemit, @fyrstikken told me to upvote you for coming to your good senses :) but be careful so you dont lock yourself out of bitshares like he did with his fyrstikken-com account. He still have nightmares about it.


Truly, but I'm more afraid of other exchanges locking me out or freezing trading 😜

Thanks though

Excellent post, after about 80 days on the platform I'm close to buying in...

Are you in need of Art for any of your projects?

Flying blue whale small.jpg


about time, 80 days - wow, here is some start-capital from me paid for by @fyrstikken, hold it forever or sell it when the price is so crazy high that you know it will drop back down to $100,000 after it hits $200,000 in the future... yeah it is optimistic, but why not. The whole world is full of people with money, and steem is the blockchain with the most humans in it so imagine the real value of this place when you calculate in human capital.

Can you make a painting of a man sitting on his knees in Times Square screaming NOOOOO when the price of STEEM takes off in the form of a booster rocket while propaganda flyers with "I TOLD YOU SO" raining over the city and all the screens and tickers just showing STEEM, STEEM, and more STEEM news and high % numbers and a lot of people smiling around this NOOOOOO person? That would be awesome.


Thank you, very generous of you! As an artist, one needs to learn to be a jack of all trades, slowly but surely, I'm starting to learn more and more about getting my finances right. But like you say, the greatest value of Steemit is the human capital. The love and support are the real treasures on this platform. Let's take the power back :D

That artwork, although a million bucks, is more illustrative then I specialise in. How about I do a @fyrstikken portrait?


Start hanging with people who are richer than yourself
I don't know anyone richer than myself!

Good read, just bought and powered up more on the dip. These are the times to take advantage of for long term value. Spread the word and spread the steem!

just a few thousand people do make it come to go change the price. and not go all inn but this slow and steady plan is way better. my gold is 500sp get the slider. then am happy. am thinking on the 1$ but a Ned a job in real life lol..before a get more Crypto.

its a slow pump and no dump...:D

That is an interesting idea. Steem is moving up, your strategy might have just started working :)

I buy that idea. Thanks!

It is truly right to support this kind of community where we are able to exhibit our learnings from different aspects. Indeed, you gave us the knwoledge to become an aspiring steemian. Thank you and more power as you shuttered all your wisdom for us.

That's what I'm talking about...a consistent, long-term steem pump and sustain. I like it bro, wish everyone would buy in. That being said, if we do want price appreciation, it’s vital that we see increasing demand that significantly offsets the ever-growing supply. Do you see any partnerships with Steemit in the future? That might be an important step for the development of the platform

It is really ideal to help this sort of group where we can display our leanings from various viewpoints. In reality, you gave us the knowledge end up a hoping for steemian. Much obliged to you and more power as you covered all your astuteness for us.

Make it at least 1000 Steem 🤑

I appreciate this great plan, good luck

Yeah, buy! Math makes sense.
Don't understand the silly Wall Streeters mentality - running scared.

BTW, I do believe that crypto is artificially being surpressed atm by global criminal elements, and the arch criminal murderous chinese government. At the end, they are the one's that will lose: their usurped prosperity, their usurped power, and eventually all they own. So be it.

I got to do it too :) thanks

It is like Steem is the Investment Fund or the Millennials

We are about to close the doors for Non Investors, so get your Steem now so you can have a guaranteed income for Life.


too much gif animations @ackza, making me dizzy. Cannot upvote this comment, sorry but no soup for you my friend, thank you, come again, beeeeeeeeep.


There i changed it, much less animation, should be much more sensible now, bitcoins raining out of Norwegian fiat :D

It is very intresting post sir @fyrstikken ! To be honest, this strategy is all my life...!!! Step by step, little - little every single day...! Not with crypto offcourse, because i am already 47 years old, but i have learn from my parents to take 10 and forget the 1, so is like to earn only 9 from your work and if some time, need money you will surprised...! Thats my belives and if you can see my wallet, i am continue to do it ( a little bit offten) with my favorite steemit account...!
I wish every member understand this easy secret and started to change his life...! Thank you so much for sharing this post and as Christian, i wish yoy happy Easter !!!

it's hard to explain to the ordinary people that this season is a bear market and we need to be patient and hibernate. :)

You had me @ "fuck you"-money! ;-)

Man I really loved you idea. No one can gurrantee that it would be a right decision or successful formula but at least you are trying and you are doing great.
This is the mindset which will take us long way.
Liked your love for Warren and Steve because both are my fav too.
Hey btw yeah I am jealous of you buying steem at 7 cents :p (Just kidding)
I don't know how consistent I would be in this strategy but yeah I am going to put my two cents for sure.

We will just follow the path of the rich people and learn their ways and soon we will wake up same as them. :)

That "To-Do-List" have all the things for us to be successful here in steemit-world.

Great plan, I wish you success

Makes sense.


I am too confused about your message to upvote your comment, @drakos.


Strength in unity

If we all rally and buy a dollar worth of STEEM every day, it becomes a uniting objective that can strengthen our position and increase the value of the currency. We all win by being stronger together.


We all win by being stronger together.

Excellent statement, perfectly right!

good plan..


did you just get 10 cents per word you wrote? I was going to give you an upvote too, but I think that would be overpaying you, however, I am sure your short and sweet comment is heartfelt and the best two words in the dictionary, great job..


Hahah that's nothing @Haejin is stealing 1000+STEEM/day rewards with his fake technical analysis and Bots he made to auto upvote his post.

If you would like to stop the donkey(haejin) abuse the system join the minnows in the fight and help downvote him


I like your massage

It's a great investment that will ensure your future
Do not waste time picking the best for you

Awesome arrangement, I wish you achievement @fyrstikken


@masud91 strange arrangement of words, upvote denied on suspicion that you are a copy/paste bot.

First thing: I am very impresssed that @booster can identify these copy/paste comments from these abusers. Hmm maybe we need these search ability within a bot like cheetah to get rid of these copy/paste spammers. That would be awesome.

Aaaand to get to the post topic: All ppl here on steem are more or less still early adopter some were a bit faster to board the steem-ship and some a bit slower. And if you have faith in the steem blockchain then it's allways a good idea to invest money into it which will give you a better future (well at least we hope so^^)

It is an extraordinary speculation that will guarantee your future. Try not to sit around idly picking the best for you.

Really beautiful your post (Fyrstikken)thanks

If by doing this we can make things better and also get rich, let's do this. Could you please elaborate the idea of buying steem? I guess we will take the price up, right?

I will join the group. It will be great to meet people who are getting richer. Ready to dance...

Steem OM my friend. Thanks for your advices within the comment sections.

Ps: would it be a problem if I translate your post to Spanish? It would be my pleasure. There are lots of Spanish speaking people come in. I know because I promote Steemit all the time.



Sorry, but I cannot upvote this. Please leave a real comment if you want my jackpot vote.


@inertia, Boss, you must read the post again, your video did not understand the concept. Upvote denied :P

If only Steemit has an option to pin posts. I've screenshot all, now they are my wallpaper and my screen saver. Steem to the moon.

I hate no human beings, I love no human beings I expect everyone is my enemy until they have proven themselves otherwise. I have never voted in any political election in my life, I do not care about who is who in politics as they are not powerful.

@frystikken thank you for helping me coin this. I have been looking for ways to describe how I feel about people. This brought so much clarity.

a personal goal of mine is to never vote regardless of whatever country I'm based in, it's a huge puppet show I could care less about.

Great strategy hopefully this sinks in with the readers and people start executing on the idea.

Resteemed, upvoted, and a new fellow gained. Great post.

@Haejin is stealing 1000 STEEM per day !!!

Good stuff. One dollar a day in the buy book means actually buying 1 dollar worth of steem every single day......because the order will be closed by some seller.....do i understood correctly....im a minnow here, cheers

@fyrstikken I like your optimism it is contagious, I feel like buying more STEEM now... Not sure about the trying to only have richer/more successful friends, sure I have seen it work, we used to call them "starfuckers", but now some of these "starfuckers" are famous and super successful.

But some just don't give a shit and just work really hard at what they are good at with good people and achieve success, but then again maybe a little "starfucking" would have made them even more succesful who knows, right?

Thank you for showing me this way of investing, I actually never came across this idea. I'll probably try it out soon but with one little difference... I'll invest one euro a day.geldbuendel.jpg

I wish I discovered steemit earlier - has been an interesting experience so far and I see a lot of expanding possibilities with it, even if I'm penniless at the moment to invest.

The plan sounds too good @fyrstikken I wish you luck for this, if strategy is strong, success must be there, good luck again.


So Glad I saw this... 🤩

How do you set the buy orders? Sounds like a great PLAN!


I wouldn't expect anything less from @fyrstikken. Massive dedication to this platform and this currency. Always, always willing to help someone!

Count me in!

Super motivational post, great text!
Thank you, @fyrstikken

Since i joined the #steemit finally today i got the real investment advise with a very effective way. Indeed it is a platform in which everyone wins,but hard-work and consistency is the utmost principle. The pace with which we are growing can surpass any other social economic site with in coming months, quite interesting fact

And since we are growing so fast in numbers and popularity - we would have 365 million dollars in the order book before the year ends, just "fuck you"-money. Basically Bitcoins, Ethereum just sitting there while growing in amounts and values.

A wonderful piece of advise and off course i am going to follow this golden rule,

Put a new dollar worth of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency in the BUY-book where you usually buy STEEM for each account you own.

I am convinced that yes you want to see every single member of this platform to be rich, i have massive respect for your humble attitude and great pieces of advice you shared with me @fyrstikken <3 <3

Due to the current issues on steemit, i feel 1$ is a genuine price.. Steemit has lost its genuinity, and its no longer about good content, its all about howmuch you can pay the bots, regardless of the content. I think if nothing gets done about this issue, there will be far better sites like steemit soon. These things have happened in past, someone gets a great concept, then fuck it up completely. No wonder Dan left steemit and created EOS. PEACE.



Yes and the whales are just farming the system, I won't buy steem above a dollar
$1 of anything else > $1 Steem. STEEM doesn't have value it will never stop being printed there is absolutely no hard cap and a big whale will print this shit by the thousands a day very soon.

Year Supply Inflation SteemCreation
2018 298,604,398 8.66% 25,854,554
2019 324,458,952 8.24% 26,727,942
2020 351,186,894 7.82% 27,452,027
2021 378,638,921 7.40% 28,004,740
2022 406,643,661 6.98% 28,364,989
2023 435,008,650 6.55% 28,513,181
2024 463,521,832 6.13% 28,431,762
2025 491,953,593 5.71% 28,105,742
2026 520,059,335 5.29% 27,523,204
2027 547,582,539 4.87% 26,675,768
2028 574,258,308 4.45% 25,558,997
2029 599,817,304 4.03% 24,172,733
2030 623,990,038 3.61% 22,521,348
2031 646,511,386 3.19% 20,613,886
2032 667,125,272 2.77% 18,464,106
2033 685,589,378 2.35% 16,090,399
2034 701,679,777 1.93% 13,515,587
2035 715,195,364 1.51% 10,766,608
2036 725,961,973 1.08% 7,874,074
2037 733,836,047 0.95% 6,971,442
2038 740,807,489 0.95% 7,037,671
2039 747,845,160 0.95% 7,104,529
2040 754,949,689 0.95% 7,172,022
2041 762,121,711 0.95% 7,240,156
2042 769,361,868 0.95% 7,308,938
2043 776,670,805 0.95% 7,378,373
2044 784,049,178 0.95% 7,448,467
2045 791,497,645 0.95% 7,519,228

As you can see how will a coin that prints 8000000 units a year ever hold a value above $1?
How many steem does it take to even get a return? So you buy something at such a high price to get a return and over the course of time your % of that coin will only go down unless you own 50%

I only take my reward and don't give a fuck about the steem blockchain because it is corrupt same as every other blockchain. Money will always buy bread . Can you say the same for steem


Many here praise steem, and they say it will take over FB, which is an insane statement.. Steem has got corrupted by the whales themselves.. just like the central banks across the world by the Bilderbergs. Steemit is one of the most fantastic concept, unfortunately its being compromised by the rich and greedy bastards.. No one now gives a fuck about content.. look whats trending.. its fuckedup..


If they sell steem low, send me your sbd and I'll buy. lmao.....
jk, but I have been buying all this week, and making steem or sbd by trading back and forth, since I think right now the market was unstable, I know that it is going to go up so I am just inching my way back and forth in the dips. It has been working out for me, either way, in the end I'm going to invest it all in steem power once it levels out over 3 bucks. then I'll just wait for more rewards and do it all over again.

Really wonderful post here. I am just starting out on steemit and really hope to make the most of it. This idea I am willing to try. And since you are ABOUT to close the door for people whose steem power is less than 250 I am joining real fast just like others. Nice one again. Thanks for it.

Okay so that sounds like an interesting idea to me. We all would grow if we support our network and we could generate an impact in the cryptocurrency market by doing so. So spending small amounts will add up and bring our system to kind of a next level. Sounds good to me.

Thanks for tips! It is useful~

mate I've got a dumbass question. You know I've been here a while, but you left me a little confused.
You're saying buy $1 everyday.
Why everyday, and who not just say everyone go and buy $365 worth of steem every year.
Are you aiming for constant volume to encourage slow steady sustained price growth?

Thanks. It's very helpful for all.

  ·  2년 전

Great post @fyrstikken! This is just what we need to coordinate our efforts to promote and pump STEEM. With superior technology, utility and an ever growing community both in size and power it sure looks like we're in for a real treat going forward!!^^


Although STEEMIT is a generic company, its ability to do work is great and if STEEMIT cooperates with others, others would benefit.

thank you Fyrstikken.. You have been speaking your reality into existence since I have met you and have always stood by your convictions and most importantly, PROVEN yourself time and time again.. There hasn't been a technology to date that I have been introduced to that has given me the energy and vision to want to pursue in aiding in its adoption...

I STRONGLY urge everyone who wants a leg up in this wild and crazy cloud of dense smoke and scrap metal explosion called crypto to join STEEMSPEAK.COM, and just have a REAL conversation for once.. You want change? we can help.. you want money? we can help... you want ideas? ... WE CAN HELP...


Yes, Steemit has already reached great heights and a great future awaits. Huge community, appropriate management and interested in the General business delegates. It is a pity that Cyberfund his inappropriate behavior pissed away the future of Golos in Runet. Their fucking limited thinking killed the whole idea.

They did not listen to you @fyrstikken and said that they would go their own way. Ha ha ha as a result, hard fork adopted with many of your suggestions, but to be at least on the sidelines of the popularity of Steemit is not real. Hundreds of users from Golos have already switched to Steemit, and some are looking forward to the launch of the free from oppression Cyber Fund fork Steemit - vox.community (not consider for advertising this still testnet without a white paper). Free market and equal opportunities, unique experience-this is what makes us rich on Steemit. It is always possible to look optimistically into the future.

Oh! This is quite the eye-opener @fyrstikkens, i must admit. Personally, I appreciate this, and i have no doubt that every steemian will find this post very helpful too, especially the "To-do list."

Wow, very inspirational post. :) Let's be rich together!

trying my level best lets see how it goes :)

Hi @fyrstikken, thank you very much for a very well informed post and I totally agree with your comments about long term investment. I'm very new to Steem and still finding my way around this platform with the little time I have on hand due to very strict working hours, but determent to start making a change and investing more time towards Steem and helping this platform reach new heights. Being very new to this, I still find myself wondering around trying to find the best mentors and the best posts to assist me with expanding my knowledge around Steem and all the difirent terminologies. If possible, can you please suggest any bloggers that I can follow, to assist me by getting to know the crypto world and how I can use the Steemit platform to get the maximum exposure? It's like you mentioned in your post; "Start hanging with people who are richer than yourself". I truly believe in this statement and seeing that Steemit hasn't cost me anything, I'm not eager to withdraw any funds soon and would like to know the best way to spend these funds with the eye on the future of steem. And one last thing. should I want to buy Steem, which will be the best and safest way to spend my money? Looking forward to your reply.

Yours truly


Its all about mindset thnx brother

i made a small post about the current market situation please check it out

You shared some solid advice there! Will do so and learn from the experience of very successful people on this platform!

I appreciate your post especially this paragraph that said "Start hanging with people who are richer than yourself. Because people who are richer then you are, know how it is to be rich, they know how they got rich, they are more equipped to not fall for bullshit, and you can learn a lot from people who are richer then you by hanging out with them". That's why I am hanging around you because I believe you have a lot to offer. Thanks you for that great information.

we are the serious long-term holders who will live in castles and buy islands while those fuckers will only be able to maybe buy one Lambo... used... at an auction... once. You understand? Yes, you do - And Yes You Can and will be RICH, just like me - the smart way.

This is the greatest motivation I've ever read in Steemit. That's why I've book marked this post and try my best to do the to do list in a simplest way I can. And if I can not do it everyday at least I will do it whenever I pay out every 7 days. Thanks @fyrstikken

This is absolutely brilliant @fyrstikken and much appreciated. I was actually speaking to a friend today about how to make the ecosystem sustainable and not being short sighted. As a "whale" you are absolutely focusing on the right things. Thanks for putting this idea out there and lets hope a lot of people use this strategy.

Hello, It is very intresting post sir, congratulations.

What a well laid out plan. I'm in 100%. I can see how this will really help the value of steem in long term if a lot of us are on there doing this.

Heyo @fyrstikken! YesAye the pirate here.
I have an unrelated question if you don't mind - is it handled by someone else or are you the one who writes those cute messages in the upvote-bots' comments? =P

I have a few questions about this strategy, will ask in steemspeak! Catch ya there.
once @battleaxe unbans me grrrrr

The Steemit community is growing daily and sticking to your good advice is what i need to grow also on steemit.
Thank You

Starting right now. Because I want to retire in 10 years. That has been my plan from the very first day I landed my foot on steemit.

Following the advice of people like you, I am sure I'll make it.

interesante tu propuesta amigo, estoy recien iniciado en esta plataforma, no tengo mucho steempower, pero me encanta la idea presentada por usted, lo felicito por el exito y el bienestar alcanzado, siga adelante con propuestas similares y nosotros los principiantes que no hemos ganado mucho poder de decision en steemit, estaremos agradecidos por su apoyo, particularmente,
estoy aprendiendo poco a poco con la experiencia de los demas, no soy muy diestro en la materia, pero nunca es tarde para empezar. Saludos

I love the guts in this post.
The ToDo list is so on point.
I love strategies that work.
I feel this Strategy will work.
Fingers crossed.
Bittrex, Binance, here I come.

I cannot understand your posting exactly, but I know one thing that I have to start hanging person who is richer than me. That means I follow you and meditate your posting everyday!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Have a great day.

I think it will be game changer idea and easily acquired by the will power in my opinion if some one has 1000 Steem should place 1 Steem buy order, for 10000 Steem owner 10 Steem buy order and for 100000 Steem there should be a 100 Steem daily buy order and accordingly. It will fill the gap if some new comers not participate in the power swapping.

Really a great contribution.
it's very useful post. Read it very sincerely and carefully.
Nice shear.
Welcome to my blog.

Happy Steeming.

A very good invitation and I think I need to go back to steemspeak right away.

dear sir very good job.thanks for share.

Start hanging with people who are richer than yourself. Because people who are richer then you are, know how it is to be rich, they know how they got rich,


you become who you emulate

Hang out with the people you want to become verses the people you easily associate with.

Unless the people that you naturally associate with are driven to success

I intend to follow this strategy. For the last few weeks, I have been adding approx $60 to my SP. @fyrstikken can you send a Bittrex invite?

  ·  2년 전

A damn good schooling that was @fyrstikken
Damn good method for Steemit investing

You are Right . Nice topic Sir

Well that sounds like a good plan. :D Let's build an empire! Wahahaha.

Upvote100% :)

Thanks for this, mate... Gonna bookmark this post. Still learning the ropes. Hope we attain those heights someday :) @fyrstikken